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Audio Guestbook

Audio Guestbook

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Introducing the Pixilated Audio Guestbook

The perfect way to capture memories in sound! Have guests record their special messages to you on one of our retro-style telephones!

Perfect for weddings, graduations, milestone birthdays and other big life events. Get creative and make all your significant moments come alive with sound!


Capture the Atmosphere

Pixilated Retro Audio Guestbook doesn't just record voices; it captures the ambient sounds, laughter, and music of the event. It's like having a time capsule of the day's energy and emotions. Every playback will transport you right back to the celebration.

Share the Joy

Once we get your audio guestbook back we will send you a link via email with all the messages from your guests. You are able to replay these heartfelt messages from loved ones and friends whenever you need.

Preserve History

Your Audio Guestbook isn't just a device; it's a living piece of history. Whether it's a wedding, a milestone birthday, or a family reunion, this guestbook preserves the essence of the day for generations to come. It's a unique heirloom that connects past, present, and future.


How our Audio Guestbook retro telephone works

  1. Order - Place your rental order by selecting your event date, adding the Audio Guestbook to your cart and checking out
  2. Receive - We'll ship it to you (free) to arrive 1-2 business days prior to your event
  3. Record - On your big day, your guests can leave you audio recordings that you and yours can cherish forever -- the phone starts recording upon pickup and stops when you hang up
  4. Return - All of your messages are saved on the device until it is shipped back to Pixilated -- packaging and pre-paid return shipping is included
  5. Listen - Once returned, you'll receive a compilation of all of your guests messages that you can listen to for years to come


What Pixilated audio guestbook shipment comes with:

  • Audio Guestbook Retro Telephone: A beautifully designed, vintage-inspired device that captures and preserves audio memories in a nostalgic manner.
  • Instruction Card: A user-friendly guide that walks your guests through the recording process for a seamless experience.
  • Premium Packaging: Each shipment is carefully packaged to ensure your Pixilated Audio Guestbook arrives in pristine condition, ready to create lasting memories. Return shipping label included.


      The Retro Audio Guestbook isn't just a recording device; it's a vessel of emotions, a time machine that lets you experience the past while embracing the present. Bring a touch of vintage charm to your event and make memories that resonate for a lifetime.

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