Pixilated Launches New Photo Booth Rental Site

Greetings from Pixilated HQ! 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve taken another big step in our evolution as a company. We’re deep in the process of transitioning Pixilated from a local photo booth services company to a national e-rental business offering a line of self-service, shippable photo booths.

For those of you who have been keeping track, we launched PixiTab about a year ago -- and we’ve been developing the business model and refining the product ever since.

After a TON of hard work from our team here in Baltimore, we are FINALLY thrilled to unveil the launch of our new E-Rental Shop at pixilated.com

Now you can rent a photo booth anywhere in the USA!

While it is certainly still a work in progress, we’re excited that we’ve finally released it into the wild. We’d love it if you would take a quick second to check it out and give us any feedback or constructive criticism ;)

Pixilated can now be booked anywhere in the United States with just a few clicks!

As always, thanks for your continued support!


Patrick Rife
CVO & Co-founder

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