About Us

Pixilated provides easy-to-use, affordable, turn-key photo booths for private and corporate events large and small.

Pixilated Founders - CVO Patrick Rife (left) and CEO Nicolas China (right)

After a decade spent perfecting our photo booth rental offerings and trying pretty much everything under the sun, we finally arrived at a truly perfect harmony between our proprietary photo technology and how people like to take photos.

We believe that capturing photos and memories at any event should not only be affordable, but simple to achieve, and we've set our sites on figuring out exactly how to do that for the most amount of people possible.

Our Story

Pixilated was founded in 2012 by Patrick Rife (pictured left) and Nicolas China (right) with the goal of creating a high quality, high-end photo booth experience to capitalize on the emerging trend of photo booths being featured at events both large and small.

We started our business in Baltimore, Maryland and grew throughout the Mid-Atlantic region serving "open-air" photo booths that we built by hand.

After years of cutting our teeth providing photo booths for everyday events like weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events to helping big brands engage their audiences at conferences, festivals and sporting events, all while building our own proprietary products & technology, we've distilled the essence of everything that makes a photo booth rental great into our turnkey, self-service photo booth kits.

Our Evolution

After what seems like trying out 1 million different combinations we finally arrived at what we think is going to be a winning formula for growing our business, staying true to ourselves and continuing to make our customers thrilled with their decision to choose Pixilated for their event.

Over the years, we've built our own technology, and hardware and experimented with selling it a ton of different ways. While it took us until now to get the formula right, we've learned so much from all of our previous efforts and integrated all of those learnings into what we're calling Pixilated 2.0!

Our "A-Ha Moment"

You're gonna laugh, but our "A-Ha Moment" finally came when we realized two things.

First, owning our own hardware and software gave us the freedom to create products, bundles and deals that fit our clients budget & needs WHATEVER they might be. Finding that freedom allowed us to stop trying to fit in the box we perceived and instead build our own.

Second, we FINALLY realized that people love Pixilated for our Photo Booth Rentals! I know, seems obvious right? Well, we spent years overcomplicating, over-selling and not recognizing that not only were our core offerings enough; but that they were actually pretty freaking awesome on their own. 

Why Choose Pixilated?

Pixilated has been in the photo booth game since 2012...so we get it, finding the right photo booth rental company can be tough. It's not like you're throwing an event every day or even every month.

We've built our entire business specifically to make renting a photo booth easy and affordable.

Pixilated is your one stop shop for all things related to photo booths for parties. Our team of experts has everything you need from rentals and virtual photo booths, to software and accessories that fit any budget.

Use Pixilated for all your photo booth needs and see why we've been rated as the best in the industry by customers just like you.

About Our Customers

While anyone under the sun is welcome to use and win with Pixilated products, there are some characteristics that make a good Pixilated customer.

The core feature that sets us apart from the competition is our DIY, daily rental model. Instead of forcing our customers to choose how many hours they'd like their photo booth rental to be, they get it for a full day so they can use it as much as they like!

Which is to say that if you are in need of staffing for your photo booth or a DIY approach is just not going to work for you then we are probably not the right photo booth company for your event.

Our photo booths and backdrops are extremely easy to use, set up in minutes and include two-way shipping for all packages.

Outside of that specific need our photo booths are actually a great hit for any type of event. Our most popular rental  is a wedding photo booth rental but we offer so much more then just weddings. So whether you're planning a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or if you're a business, school or organization looking to add a fun element to your next corporate event or school dance event and capture a bunch of photos simultaneously, Pixilated is a great fit!

What We Offer

So far we've hinted about what Pixilated's offerings look like but to be 100% clear…

We provide turn-key DIY photo booth kits that we ship directly to you via UPS. Each rental kit can be customized with logos, designs, backdrops and more. We are able to support small events like birthday parties and weddings all the way up to multi-location brand activations and business events.

All of our rentals in the 48 contiguous United States include free two-way shipping. It doesn't mean that we can't help you if you're outside of our service area we'll just need to work with you directly to make sure that everything goes to plan.

Our Experience

Over the years we've acquired a ton of experience working thousands of events both large and small. From backyard weddings to Bonnaroo and prom to the Boston Marathon, we have become experts in photo booths, live events, and making people smile :)

Have questions? Want to learn more? Want to meet us? Contact us here.