The Ultimate Guide to Photo Booths for Bachelorette Parties

The Ultimate Guide to Photo Booths for Bachelorette Parties

Looking for the perfect addition to your bachelorette party? 

Photo booths are a popular addition to bachelorette parties as not only a way to capture the night, but also as a party activity in itself. 

Your guests are bound to have a ball of a time, and it will make the party extra memorable for everyone celebrating the Bride-to-Be! 

If you’re trying to figure out if photo booths are right for your party, or if you’re looking for ideas to make your DIY photo booth experience extra special– you’ve come to the right place. 

We can tell you everything about photo booths. And this guide to photo booths for bachelorette parties specifically has everything you need to know to organize an easy and fun photo booth experience! 

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What Are The Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth for Your Bachelorette Parties?


Photo booths are a fantastic addition to your bachelorette party — just posing for the photos is part of the fun! 

Use props and costume pieces to make the experience extra interactive. You can even base some of your party activities around the photo booth itself.

Make sure to read the rest of this article for some exciting ideas when it comes to photo booth activities!


Photo booths are there to capture your event. 

A Bride-to-Be doesn’t get a bachelorette party everyday, so it’s important to make sure you save your memories of the hen’s night.

Photo booths make the perfect memento to help you reflect and look back on the night:  The fun, the laughter– and of course, the friendships! This will stay true even years down the line.


Bachelorette Party Customized Photo Booth

Make your photos extra fun with a bit of customization! 

From backdrops, props, to photo border designs, you can add a touch of flair to every bit of your photo booth experience.

Social Media Sharing

It’s super quick and easy to download and share all your photos with just a couple of clicks. Plus, since everything is uploaded digitally, you don’t have to worry about losing your physical copies!

Once your event is over, all your photos will be uploaded online and a link sent to you. 

Simply access the link you’ll be given, then sharing is as easy as opening Instagram and creating a post!


With photo booths, there’s no need to worry about forgetting to take photos, or trying to collect pictures from everyone’s individual devices. Plus, all the photos you snap will go to one place.

With our super easy-to-use DIY photo booth kits, there’s no need to worry about a photographer or booth attendants either! Besides that, our booths ship across the entire United States. So even with a destination bachelorette, we can ship the box directly to the party spot. 

With clear instructions and no annoying unnecessary cables, it takes less than five minutes to set up and hardly takes up any space. Just touch the touchscreen, and snap the night away!

Professional Quality

With photo booths, there’s no need to worry about blurry or pixelated photos taken on phone cameras. 

You’ll get clear, high quality photos — guaranteed — all from our easy-to-use touch-screen interface.

Pixilated’s photo booth options comes with a standard 8MP camera, with an option to upgrade to a 18MP camera. 

Both options are great, with the latter being the highest-quality camera for DIY photo booths, ensuring that you’ll have crisp and clear photos every time.


If you’re looking for something a little bit more special, try a different type of photo booth than just the standard self-service photo booth

At Pixilated, we offer an animated GIF photo booth, Black and White photo booth, and a Green Screen photobooth, which can all make your photo booth experience extra fun and social media-worthy!

Photo Booth Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Photo Booth

Let’s say that you’ve ordered your photo booth, the party is just around the corner, anticipation is building, and you want to make the most of your photo booth rental. 

Here are a few ideas for making your experience that little bit more special!

Customized Photo Border Design with the Bride’s Name or Initials

If you want to make your photo booth more elaborate and memorable, though, why not customize the photo overlay itself?

With Pixilated, you can choose to customize your photo with your own design. 

Add colors, a monogram, a cheeky phrase– or even work with our design team to ensure it comes out stunning and professional!

Props Related to the Bride’s Interests or Hobbies

While glitz and glitter is to be expected at bachelorette parties, you can also make your event stand out and be more memorable by personalizing everything. 

Bachelorette parties should celebrate more than just becoming a bride — it should be about the Bride-to-Be!

One way you can do that is by adding some props that are actually reflective of the Bride-to-Be herself. 

Ask yourself: What are her interests? Favorite colors? Favorite movies, books, or TV shows? 

If your Bride-to-Be is an animal lover, you can easily make some DIY props of her favorite pets or animals. Stuffed toys could also make this theme extra cute!

If her favorite movie is ‘Mamma Mia’, then blast some ABBA, add a disco ball and some feather boas, and your guests will be partying the night away!

If she loves the glamor of Old Hollywood, why not add some popcorn — both as a treat and a prop — and bring a Marilyn wig! 

Pair that with our Black and White photo booth kit and you’ve got yourself some fun and classy photos!

With a bit of creativity, the options are endless! Consider how you could use props to add a bit more fun to your photos.

Graduation Photo with DIY Props

Make Your Own Props

Speaking of props — why not get your guests to make their own photo booth props during the party? 

This not only gives you an activity to get your guests busy but takes the stress out of organizing props in advance.

They could be as simple or as elaborate as you want. All you really need is some coloured paper, markers, tape or glue, and perhaps some haberdashery you can easily find at craft or thrift shops. 

Let your guests go wild with it! 

Not only will they liven up your photos, your guests will be able to take home a souvenir at the end of the night!

While you have these crafting booths set up, why not encourage your guests to also make cards for your bride? 

This could make the photo booth extra special, and your bride will have sentimental mementos to take home in addition to all the photo memories of the night!

Bachelorette Photo Booth with Sash

A “Bride-to-Be” Sash or Crown for the Bride to Wear in the Photos

“Bride-to-Be” accessories are already a staple part of bachelorette parties, but they’re also great for making the Bride-to-Be stand out in photo booth photos.

You can also get sashes and other accessories that say phrases like “Bride Tribe” or “Bride Squad” for your party guests. 

These look great, will help your group stand out if you’re out and about in town, will make your photos look cohesive– and can even be taken home in memory of the night!

A Themed Background

A themed backdrop for your photos will make your photos pop!

Grab a combination of balloons, streamers, fake flowers, and photos of the bride-to-be to make it personal, and let your creativity go wild!

To take the stress out of decorating a backdrop, why not use a green screen? 

Pixilated offers an affordable green screen package, which not only lets you choose a premade background, but also gives you the ability to design your backdrop so that it’s perfectly customized for your party.

Photo Booth Games

Why not make the photo booth a central part of your party by making a photo booth game? 

Organize some prizes to give away at the end of the night for categories like “Best Impression of the Bride”, or “Funniest Photo”.

Your guests will really be able to make the most out of the photo booth and have a blast creating fun memories. 

The silliness of photo booth games is also a great way to avoid any awkwardness if you have guests that are camera shy!

A Hashtag for the Party so Guests Can Easily Find and Share Photos on Social Media

Hashtags are not just fun additions to your Instagram captions — using a hashtag for your event keeps things organized and easy to access. 

Make sure to keep them entertaining and light hearted!

Try thinking of a fun pun on the bride’s name, or a silly inside joke everyone in your party knows! 

Make a Photo Book for the Bride

Once you have your photos from the photo booth, collate them into something physical for the bride to look back on. 

If you’re crafty and like to get creative, you could order a print pack and make them into an elaborate scrapbook, filled with well wishes from guests, and maybe even some remnants of the party decorations. Get creative with it!

If you’re looking for something a bit faster and less creatively demanding, there are also plenty of online services that allow you to upload photos to make into photo books.

These services usually offer plenty of customization options, making them pretty and personal.

Bachelorette Photo Booth

Make Bachelorette Party Memories to Keep Forever with Pixilated

When looking to capture your bachelorette party, rent your photo booth from Pixilated to celebrate the night! 

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Pixilated’s range of super affordable photo booth packages will make snapping these special memories super easy, and is sure to add to the fun. Also, you can book additional days at a way lower rate in case the bachelorette party is a weekender. 

Every step with us — booking your rental, customization, setting up, taking photos, packing down, and sharing your photos online — is uncomplicated and easy! Here's a photo booth rental checklist to help you make sure you've "crossed all your t's and dotted all your i's".

When you book with us you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have more time to organize the party, while we’ll take care of your photo booth.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order online now, and we’ll get your photo booth kit right to your doorstep for your bachelorette party!
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