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GIF Booth Rental

GIF Booth Rental

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Looking for a unique and entertaining way to capture memories at your next event? Look no further than Pixilated's GIF photo booth rental! Our high-quality rental service provides state-of-the-art technology to create stunning animated GIFs that your guests will love.

Our GIF photo booth rental service comes in a convenient DIY kit, allowing you to set up and operate the photo booth on your own schedule. With an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, guests of all ages can strike a pose and create a fully animated GIF within seconds.

The Pixilated GIF photo booth rental kit includes the photo booth unit. Add-ons such as props and backdrops are also available to customize your photo booth experience and help your guests get into the spirit of the occasion.

Our rental is by the day, providing you with the flexibility to enjoy your photo booth experience for as long as you need. If you would like to extend the rental period, additional days can be added to your rental period through our "Extras & Add-ons" category in our online shop.

Whether it's for a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, our gif booth rental service is the perfect addition to any event. With our user-friendly instructions and technical support, creating unforgettable memories has never been easier.

So why wait? Book your Pixilated GIF booth rental today and add some excitement to your next event.

Why Rent a Pixilated GIF Booth

Simple booking process - Choose between a standard or customized design, add some props or a backdrop and place your order online

Free UPS roundtrip shipping - We guarantee your GIF booth kit to arrive at least one day prior to your event

It just works - Open the box, set it up, turn it on, connect to wifi, that's it!

Compact design - This kiosk can easily be nextled into the corner of even the tightest venues and still produce huge results

No messy cords or ugly floor tape - Comes with two rechargeable battery packs that allow for continuous run-time

GIFs + photos - Don't worry, you get the best of both worlds...your guests can self-select to take photos or GIFs

Great price - The most affordable GIF booth rental kit on the market

Rent by the day and don't feel encumbered with time- You need flexibility on your event day, so we give you the kit the day before and have you send it back the next business day

Free Roundtrip Shipping

Shipped everywhere in the contiguous United States with a free return shipping label in the box.

5-Minute Setup Process

One person can set up the booth in just a few minutes.

It comes with picture instructions and requires no technical expertise.

View Setup Instruction Card PDF

The GIF Booth Kit Contents

In the box:

- GIF photo booth kiosk

- Tripod floor stand

- Two battery packs

- Charging plug

- Instruction card

- Return shipping label

Also included:

- A link to view and download all your event GIFs and images once your booth is shipped back

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I use my GIF booth?

Our booths rent by the day, not the hour…so you can use it for up to 24 hours!

What is the difference between the Design options Standard and Customized?

Standard design includes our classic GIF booth interface without any customization options, like logos, graphics or frames. This is a great option if you have a busy backdrop or are going for a clean, classic look.

Customized design allows you to use our templates or to work with our designers to create your very own branded booth experience. Great for wedding themes and monograms, or for corporate events to add logos.

Can the GIF Booth also take still photos?

You bet! There will be a button on the left that says Tap for Photo and a button on the right that says Tap for GIF

Will my booth function without Wi-Fi?

Yes, our kiosks still work without Wi-Fi. When not connected to the internet, they function in "offline mode". When offline, the photos are stored on the device until it connects to the internet. Upon connection, the photos will be saved to your gallery and sent to your guests who entered their emails and phone numbers.

That said, for the best experience, we suggest connecting your booth to a stable Wi-Fi signal so your guests can receive their texts and emails with their photos instantly!

Not sure about your Wi-Fi situation? We offer Wi-Fi Hotspot Rentals

Did you know you can add a wifi hotspot to your rental? We provide them as an add-on for just $99.

How much space is required?

Our kiosks themselves have a footprint of 3'x3' and don't require a backdrop. If you plan to set up a backdrop, we'd suggest approximately 8'x10' footprint.

Does the photo booth need to be plugged into an outlet?

No, you don't need access to power. We provide two battery packs that can run up to 4 hours each. One can be charging while the other is in use and you can swap them periodically.

That said, if you want to set it and forget it, you can plug it into an outlet using the supplied wall plug and extension cord.

How do my guests get their photos?

After each photo session, your guests can email or text their picture to up to 5 people. After the event we will email you (the host) a link to download and view the entire event photo gallery.

How far in advance do I need to place my order to take advantage of free shipping?

We guarantee free shipping for events that are 7+ days away. To confirm your eligibility for free shipping, go to our Transit Time Shipping Map to check details for your exact location.

When will I receive my photo booth rental kit before my event?

We ship your equipment to you with a target delivery date of 2 business days before your event. This gives us a little "wiggle room" in case of any unexpected delays. We guarantee that your shipment will arrive at least one day before your event. For more information, check out our Delivery Guarantee.

How do I return my photo booth rental kit after my event?

On the first business after your event, you'll repackage the equipment in the same box it was originally sent in, place the included return label on the box covering the original label, and drop it off to the nearest UPS location. Our custom foam makes the repacking process simple so everything fits right back into place.

View full details
  • UPS Truck Shipping Icon

    We ship it to you

    UPS will deliver your GIF booth reight to your doorstep at least one business day before your event. Free shipping.

  • Pixilated Photo Booth Icon

    Unbox, setup, take GIFs

    In just a few simple steps, you'll have your GIF booth powered up, connected to wifi, and snapping away.

  • UPS Truck Return Shipping Icon

    You ship it back to us

    On the 1st business day after your event, stick the prepaid return label on the same box and drop it to any UPS store.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5 Google Rating

What's in the box? Watch our GIF photo booth unboxing video!

Group of friends getting crazy in a GIF booth

The life of the party

What's more fun than getting silly for a photo booth session with your besties? Now take that experience and ratchet it up a notch with our amazingly fun GIF feature.

Women using a GIF photo booth with props

Endless laughs

We swear your sides will hurt, you'll be laughing so hard at your animated GIFs. What better to do when you're in a laughing fit? Take more GIFs of the ensuing hilarity, of course!

Wedding GIF Booth with Gold Backdrop

Unforgettable memories

Think of your GIF booth animations as mini action shots that will live forever in your text messages or on your Instagram page. Each year that goes by, you and your friends will be reminded of that pure joy as your memories pop up in your feed.

Group of friends in an animated GIF photo booth

Get in on the action

GIFs are sweeping the internet right now. So give your guests what they want! Our GIF booths are literally DIY kiosks packed with fun features requiring zero photography expertise!

Perfect for events of all shapes & sizes

Great for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, holiday parties, campus events, 5k races & marathons, nonprofit events, graduation parties, showers, grand openings, and more.

Pixilated GIF Booth

Make Magic With a GIF Booth Rental!

GIFs are sweeping the internet!

What could be cooler than having fun images from your next get-together? How about a GIF photo booth where your images come to life...

We use our proprietary software to create GIFs that are instantly share-worthy, allowing your party guests to upload them in real-time to theirs favorite social media sites.

Our GIF booth is self-service and compact. We ship it directly to you with simple instructions for set up and pre-paid return shipping.

All you have to do is turn it on, connect to wifi, and you're ready to start GIFin’ out with your friends!

How does a GIF booth work?

Simple. You tap the screen to start the camera.

You'll be able to see yourself on the screen and it will give you a countdown to your first photo. Immediately after the flash goes off, the countdown timer will start over and do this for two more photos.

Instantly at the end of the 3-photo session, the pictures are magically stiched together into a looping GIF animation. You can email it or text it right to your phone.

GIF photo booths are so hot right now!

Our GIF booth rentals are the most exciting photo booth enhancement out there.

Why? The majority of photo booth rental companies simply haven’t gotten on board with the latest technology. Your partygoers will never suspect that in addition to getting amazing images courtesy of our world-class software, they can also create awesome GIFs.

GIFs can run the gamut from saucy to silly to serious and everything in between. See how your celebration participants ham it up or turn it on when faced with a camera and three chances to move around. We’ll put their images together in a movable GIF that’s like a motion picture of all the fun they’re having at your party. What could be better?

That's right, if you're looking for a GIF animation photo booth, look no further. From Seattle to Miami to San Diego to Boston — literally anywhere in the United States — we’re here for you! Perfect for holiday parties, brand activations, birthdays, festivals, or weddings.

A GIF booth allows your guests to let their imagination run on cool poses to create their own movie memory of your event. Move from one side of the frame to the other, choreograph a dance, the possibilities are endless!

Make waves on social media

Corporate and nonprofit clients absolutely love working with us to create shareable GIFs.

Imagine the branding possibilities when your guests walk into our photo booth rental area and discover they can make GIFs of their own. Our team will help get the setup just right, and enable guests to instantly get copies of the GIFs and photos for their own uses.

As soon as they start adding their GIFs to their social media accounts, you have the opportunity to get a little web-based leverage – great for businesses looking for a unique marketing strategy. Encourage participants to add hashtags and link up to your brand’s social sites for an added boost. Nothing says fun more than pics of people having a ball at a get-together you’ve created!

From sporting events to conferences to trade shows, GIF photo booth rentals are a perfect way to raise the bar on fun, not to mention turn your gathering into a stellar event.

Combine a GIF booth with custom filters to take your branding to a whole new level of cool.

Pixilated Photo Booth serves GIF photo booth rentals throughout the good ol’ U S of A.