Photo Booth Rentals: What’s Included, and How Much Will It Cost?

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Photo Booth Rental Packages: What’s Included, and How Much Will It Cost?

Photo Booth Rental Price Breakdown

When you host an event or party, there’s no doubt you’ll want photography available. 

However, we all know that photography can get a little pricey– which is where the rise of photo booth rental packages can come in!

If you've ever hired a professional photographer for an event, you know it doesn't come cheap. The cost of equipment, their time, and the post-production work can quickly add up - turning your event photography into a significant investment. 

Not only are DIY photo booth rentals more affordable than traditional photography, they’re also a lot of fun for your guests. 

Depending on the rental you go for, your booth may even be totally self-operational without the need for an attendant like ours at Pixilated are!

In this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • What photo booth rental packages actually are
  • What’s included in most photo booth rental packages
  • Average photo booth prices.

Let’s dive in!


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What are Photo Booth Rental Packages?

When you go to a wedding, birthday party, holiday party, graduation party, corporate event or the like and they have a photo booth available, that has more than likely come through a photo booth rental.

Some rental packages will be a full DIY photo booth experience, providing you with all of the gear to set up and take photos with, and then to return to the company. Others could include an attendant, DJ, lighting, and more.

While many of us think of enclosed photo booths when we hear that term — the kind you would get strips of photos from at an arcade or on the boardwalk — photo booths have evolved over the years.

You can still find those style of photo booths, but equally popular are open-air photo booths, consisting of a camera device and backdrop. You can even now find companies that offer 360 videos, GIF photobooth, slow motion, green screen photo booth, and more!

The world of the photo booth is vast. Whatever you can dream of for your event is available as a photo booth rental package — it just depends on how much you’re willing to spend to rent a photo booth for your event.

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What’s Included in Photo Booth Rental Packages? 

While it will vary from company to company, you’re likely to find most of the following included in your package.

The Photo Booth Kiosk

The most important part of the gear — the booth!

For most DIY packages, this will include a kiosk or camera apparatus (this may be an iPad, or other similar touch-screen device), stand or tripod, and possibly extra lights.

The idea behind a DIY photo booth is to make it as simple as possible for you to set up and operate it on your own– all without needing a photographer! There are lots of great DIY photo booth ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

If you’ve opted for an enclosed booth, this will need to be brought in on a truck and set up by a photo booth technician.

First off, let's dissect the differences between an enclosed booth and an open-air booth. Enclosed booths are typically reminiscent of the classic photo booth style, providing a private space for guests to take their photos. They are compact, self-contained units that need to be set up by a specialist, as mentioned above. This is an ideal choice if you're seeking a more traditional and intimate photo-taking experience. 

On the other hand, open-air booths are more modern and versatile. They consist of a backdrop and a standalone camera, allowing more space and freedom for your guests to strike a pose. Open-air booths are perfect if you want to accommodate larger groups in a single shot and create a more interactive experience.

At Pixilated, our photo booths come in a single box [Watch Photo Booth Unboxing Video] and can be set up in just a few minutes [Watch Photo Booth Setup Video] so you can get snapping right away — how simple is that? 

Pixilated Photo Booth Rental - What's Included in the Box

They’re also completely wireless, and have an 8 megapixel camera as standard (or you can upgrade to an external pro 18 megapixel camera [Check out the camera comparison video FAQ]). 

The kiosk itself takes up a small footprint. We even throw in two fully charged, rechargeable battery packs and a backup extension cord (just in case) to keep your booth running all night long.

And just in case you don't think you can us, you can! We equip you with the knowledge necessary through our photo booth resource library, including setup videos, instruction guides, and more.


Create a Custom Photo Booth Package

The Build Your Own Photo Booth offering from Pixilated is an innovative and customizable solution that caters to a wide range of events and budgets. This service stands out by allowing customers to tailor their photo booth experience to their specific needs. Whether planning a small birthday party, a large corporate event, or a unique wedding reception, the flexibility of this product ensures that every client can create a photo booth that perfectly fits the occasion.

At the heart of this service is the ability to choose from a variety of features and enhancements. Starting with a base model, customers can select upgrades like advanced camera options, interactive features such as GIFs or boomerangs, and even green screen backgrounds for an added element of fun. The customization extends to the design aspect as well, with options to personalize photo templates and screen interfaces to match the theme and style of the event.

Build Your Own Photo Booth is designed to be budget-friendly. With a range of options at different price points (starting at $288 per day), clients can create a memorable experience without overspending. This approach ensures that whether it's a small gathering on a tight budget or a lavish affair with room for splurges, every event can enjoy the excitement and engagement that a customized photo booth brings.

Build Your Own Photo Booth Step-by-Step Process Graphic

Start with Base Model & Choose Your Upgrades

Begin your photo booth journey with a basic setup and enhance it with a selection of upgrades tailored to your event. This flexibility allows for a customized experience that aligns with the specific requirements of your occasion.

Only Pay for the Features You Need

When you customize your photo booth rental package with Pixilated, you pay exclusively for the features you choose. This approach ensures a cost-effective solution, helping you avoid overspending on unnecessary additions.

Custom-Tailor for Your Event and Budget

This service is designed to cater to various types of events and budgets. Whether you're hosting a small private party or a grand corporate event, you can tailor the photo booth to fit your specific needs and financial constraints.

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the cost they see is the cost they pay, ensuring a straightforward and trustful experience.

Here are 10 tips for successful event planning with photo booths.


Pixilated Photo with Props

Props and Accessories

Props and accessories, such as hats, glasses, and more, are a great way to allow your guests to really let go for their photos.

Some booths will come with props and accessories included, while others will have it as an add-on.

You can always DIY your own, or have a DIY station where your guests can customize to their hearts’ content!

The Theme 

Depending on what the theme of your event or party is, you should have a range of customization options with your package.

This will, of course, depend on the photo booth company. One of the joys of renting a photo booth today is that there is such a wide range of options!

If you’re going for a glam feel you could go with a Black and White photo booth, or for a Western-style event, an old-timey style camera booth.

Pixilated offers a range of themes that can easily be added to any photo booth rental package a la carte.

Check out our photo booth themes.


Open air photo booths might come with a standard plain white or black backdrop

There may be options for different colored curtain backdrops, sequin backdrops, or even special backdrops such as flower and foliage walls, foil curtains, and more.

In addition, you might want to try creating a customized photo booth backdrop.

In some cases, such as with us at Pixilated, you can even rent a green screen backdrop as part of the Green Screen photo booth rental package. 

This allows for you to have a custom backdrop, where the only limit is your imagination!


Customized Branding Backdrop Photo

Customized Branding and Photo Design

If you’re after custom branding or designs with your photo booth photos, these can be included with your rental package. However, it will usually incur additional costs. That said, if you want guests to engage with your brand, like at a tradeshow or sponsored event, customization is a must.

These can usually be applied to either digital or print photos. You can also add custom branding to your booth in some cases, or to your step and repeat backdrop.

If you plan to go with a fully immersive design, check out this article on green screen photo booths for green screen background ideas that will really wow your guests!

Some booths will even allow you to add a custom hashtag! This allows your guests to upload images straight to social media channels– hashtag included.

Unlimited or Timed Photo Sessions

When it comes to hiring time, you’ll either be looking at per day (ie, unlimited) rates, or per hour (ie, timed) rates.

If there’s an attendant involved, it will always be a timed photo session– and this is where photo booth rental prices can build up quickly. 

If you’re going for self-service, look for booths with a per day rate. There’s nothing worse than having to rush to get your booth packed up when all you want to do is enjoy the end of your event or party!

And if you’re wondering: At Pixilated we only offer per day rentals, with booths due to be sent back one business day after your event! Here's a photo booth rental checklist that might help you in your decision making process.

You can also extend your rental, giving you more time before you have to get your booth back to us.

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Instant Prints

Some photo booth packages will offer instant prints on the night — how this operates will be up to the company.

If you're considering renting a photo booth that prints on-site, it's important to understand the differences between the two main types: enclosed and open-air booths. One crucial distinction revolves around the time it takes for prints to be ready. 

Enclosed booths tend to have the prints pop straight out of the machine. However, these can take a few minutes to process– so depending on the volume of people using the booth, you may find there’s a bit of a delay.

For open-air booths connected to dye-sub photo printers, the print-outs are typically ready within a few seconds. This expeditious print time does not only provide instant gratification for guests but also ensures a smooth, continuous flow of fun throughout the event. 

"With open-air booths, your guests won't have to wait around for their prints. They'll have their fun keepsakes in their hands almost immediately, keeping the energy and excitement at your event high."

Some DIY booths will include a printer and a certain number of photo sheets in your package.

While in theory this can be operated by yourself or your guests without needing an attendant, things to watch out for include:

  • Paper running out and needing to be reloaded
  • Paper jams
  • Printing delays
  • Photos may need to be cut with scissors, as two 2x6 strips are often printed on a single 4x6 sheet.

An Attendant

If your photobooth requires an attendant or photographer, this will be included in your package, too. 

This is where the price of photo booths can go up, and you’ll also likely be paying for their services by the hour.

Others which are self-service (like at Pixilated) both keep your photo booth rental costs down, and make it simple for you and your guests to take your own photos!

    Digital Photo Copies

    Most, if not all photo booth rental companies will supply you digital copies of your photos after the event as part of your package.

    That way your guests can access an online digital photo gallery, download, and share them across their social channels.

    Option to Upload the Photos on Social Media or Email and Text the Pictures to their Phones

    Some booths will allow you to either upload your photos to social media straight away, or guests will be able to email them to themselves. Many self-service booths these days also have Wi-Fi capabilities. 

    However, you should be aware that some booths won’t work on certain guest networks, or will only be able to connect to either the Wi-Fi or a printer (and not both at the same time).

    In some cases you’ll need a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is usually available for an extra charge. This is especially useful if there’s no available Wi-Fi at your venue, or if the Wi-Fi is unreliable.

    Some booths will even allow you to download your images to your phone with a QR code!

    At Pixilated, all of our booths can access any local Wi-Fi signal, so your guests will be able to email and text images to themselves straight away. If needed, you can also rent a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep you covered throughout your event!

    Wedding Photo Booth Customized Green Screen

    Extras and Add Ons

    Some companies even make pre built booths for events such as weddings, school events, holiday parties and more! Most photo booth rental packages will give you the option to add various extras to your rental.

    Some examples of add-ons could include:

    • Props and accessories (as mentioned)

    At Pixilated, we offer all of the above! It’s super simple to add-on, too — just select them at checkout.


    Infographic: Comparing DIY Photo Booth Kits to Staffed Photo Booth Rental Services

    Photo Booth Rental Cost Comparison Infographic - DIY Photo Booth vs. Staffed Photo Booth


    How Much are Photo Booth Rental Packages?

    Depending on what kind of photo booth you opt for, pricing will vary.

    Women posing in a Pixilated photo booth at a bachelorette party

    So, you're thinking about renting a photo booth for your next event? Smart move! But before you sign on the dotted line, you might be wondering, "How much is this going to cost me?" Well, the answer isn't quite as simple as you might think - it depends on a couple of factors: 

    • Location: Transporting and setting up the booth can be a significant part of the cost. If your event is far from the rental company's base of operations, you might have to pay a bit more.
    • Duration of Rental: Renting the booth for a longer period will, of course, cost more. But remember, the fun and memories it brings could be priceless!
    • Additional Services: Want props, backdrops, or custom branding? These extras can also add to the cost. But don't worry - they can also make your event even more memorable!
    Remember - the best value isn't always the cheapest option. Consider the quality of the photo booth, the reliability of the company, and the fun factor when deciding on your budget.

    Now, let's dive a little deeper into what's typically included in a photo booth rental, and how much it might set you back.

    Your budget may vary as well based on if you're planning the school dancethrowing an office party, planning a wedding reception, or preparing to make your tradeshow booth awesome. That said, it's good to have an idea of the photo booth pricing options available.

    Self-service photo booths can start from $300 and go up to around $600 per day.

    On the other hand, if you go for a photo booth with an attendant, these could start at $750 and go up to around $1500 for roughly 4-hours.

    As you can see, self-service photo booths are significantly cheaper, which is one obvious benefit of doing it yourself!

    There are some booths you won’t be able to operate without an attendant — particularly those which offer special effects (such as 360 photobooths), require special equipment (like slow-mo tracks), or are enclosed. 

    However, unless you’re going for a particular vibe at your event, it’s very simple and much more efficient to allow your guests to take photos as and when they choose.

    Across all types, the average cost for a photo booth rental ranges from $400 - $750.

    At Pixilated, we don’t give you the run around on pricing, as all of our prices — starting at $288 — are upfront and available for you to see at checkout, no matter what options you go for!
    Did we mention that Pixilated provides photo booth rentals across the entire United States

    The Bottom Line 

    So now you know what the low-down on photo booth rental packages is! But how do you choose a provider from the many companies out there?

    Well, we’re a little biased, but we personally believe that we have the best photo booth rental packages on the market.

    Pixilated has been around now for over a decade and offered the first DIY self-service photo booths, so we know what we’re doing! 

    Pixilated has you covered whether it’s a wedding photo booth rental, corporate event, anniversary party, or any type of event.

    Not only are our booths completely self-service, we’ve made them as price-efficient as possible so that you get the best value for your money.

    If you’re looking for a deal on a photo booth rental package, you can find photo booth deals and promotions here. Pixilated also offers 15% off rentals 24/7/365 for military, first responders, and teachers!!


    Pixilated Photo Booth SAVETEN Banner Discount

    Reserve your photo booth now through our online booking system, and we’ll help you make memories that last!

    Still have more questions about this topic? Check out this all-inclusive blog post FAQ with everything you need to know about renting a photo booth. Have fun!


    Patrick Rife, author of this article and co-founder of Pixilated Photo Booth covers this topic in-depth on The Pixilated Podcast. The YouTube video can be found here: 

    Photo Booth Rentals: What's Included, and How Much Does It Cost? - Video on The Pixilated Podcast

    Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Drop us a message in the comments section below!


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