10 Green Screen Photo Booth Ideas to WOW Your Guests

10 Green Screen Photo Booth Ideas to WOW Your Guests

Alrighty! You’ve decided on a theme for your next big event, sent out invites, and now it’s time to make the thing happen.

Maybe you’ve heard of photo booth rentals – or more likely, you’ve used one at a party or event before. If you have played around with a photo booth, you know they are a fun way to create lasting memories for party-goers. 

But how are you going to make the photo booth at your next event unique?

Pixilated offers a DIY photo booth rental that can be fully customized to match the theme of whatever event you are planning!

If you want a photo booth experience that stands out and enhances the theme of your event, a green screen photo booth is an obvious choice. 

Filmmakers use green screen technology to create fantastical backgrounds for actors in TV and movies. Pixilated uses this same technology to create custom backdrops for your party guests to pose in front of. 

Pixilated has you covered whether it’s a wedding photobooth rental, corporate event, anniversary party, or any type of event.

All you have to do is decide what background is going to best fit the theme of your event.

When it comes to picking or designing a greenscreen backdrop, what is the next step?

Sometimes, it’s as simple as choosing one of the many excellent templates Pixilated has pre-prepared. Other times, you’re going to want to work directly with our helpful design team to make your fantasy backdrop a reality. 

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You deserve a background that will:

  • Be unique
  • Enhance your event theme
  • Immerse your guests in the fantasy you are creating!

With green screens, the possibilities are endless

We’ve put together a list of tried and true background concepts that will help you narrow in on the best choice for your next event! 

Green Screen Galactic Photo Booth

Out-of-This-World Galactic Background

One small photo booth for your event, one giant leap for all your guests! 

How many of us looked up to the stars as children and dreamed of distant worlds? A Galactic Background lets you make this childhood dream come true for your guests.

Suitable for astronomy enthusiasts, seekers of astrological wisdom, or anybody who wants to be an astronaut when they finally grow up! A Galactic Background transports your guests out of this world and into the wonders of deep space.

Ocean Green Screen Photo Booth

Sandy Toes, Ocean Breeze Backdrop

Swap out tuxedos and dress shoes for flip-flops and board shorts. Anywhere, any time of year, with an Ocean Breeze Backdrop – you’re always on vacation!

The Ocean Breeze Backdrop gives your guests a taste of summer, all year round. This background is perfect for ‘spring break in winter’, ‘Father Christmas goes on Holiday’, or ‘treasure island pirate’ themed parties.

Take a load off, pick up a beach read, and unroll your towel. The Sandy Toes, Ocean Breeze Backdrop is just what you need to bring a little sunshine to your next event!

Comic Book Action Scenes

Maybe you’re a Marvel fan, maybe you’re loyal to DC. At Pixilated, all we care about is getting you as close to your heroes as we can!

Our Comic Book Action Scenes backgrounds drop you right onto the pages of your favorite comic books. Watching the Avengers is one thing, standing amongst them is even better! 

It’s time to don your cape and mantle and respond to the call of justice. Fight crime, and have a great time with a Pixilated Green Screen Themed Comic Book Action backdrop!

Dive Into the Deep Blue Sea

Ahoy, ahoy! Thar be terrors in the deep! Show your guests a world of subterranean wonder, or pull on your flippers and snorkel to lead the way…

Our Deep Blue Sea backgrounds are perfect for Titanic-themed balls, mermaid parties, or marine biology conventions! 

Take your guests on a fantastic voyage 20,000 leagues under the sea. Create a memento they can keep forever to remember the occasion!

The real undersea treasure is the memories you will make and record with a Deep Blue Sea background and a greenscreen photobooth.

Red Carpet Movie Scene Backgrounds

Some of us don’t receive invitations to the Oscars! That shouldn’t stop you from throwing the best home awards parties — and taking the photos to prove it. 

Movie directors use greenscreens all the time to transport their actors into fantastical worlds. Why not use that same technology to send the guests at your event straight to the red carpet?

Perfect for Hollywood-themed parties, drama club socials, or anytime you want your guests to know that you think they are stars! Give your guests all the glamor of Hollywood with a green screen photo booth. 

Animal Green Screen Photo Booth

Wild Adventure Animal-Filled Backgrounds

Kings and Queens of old filled their courts with wild animals from all corners of the earth. Sort of like Tiger King, but with a lot more pomp and grace!

You might not have courtiers bringing you exotic animals from far-off lands, but with Pixilated you won’t need them!

Take your guests on a trip down the Amazon River or deep into the Sahara Desert! It's a creative and fun way to raise funds with a gala for wildlife conservation, or match the theme for an animal dress-up party.

Wild adventure animal-filled backgrounds are perfect for safari, jungle, zoo, or ancient world-themed parties. 

Throw your guests to the lions, or let them pose amongst the peacocks. Let your guests show their wild side, with an animal-filled green screen photo booth! 

Sports Green Screen Photo Booth

Sports, Stadium, and Team-Themed Backdrops

You’ve booked the pay-per-view, fried the chicken wings, put on your lucky team jersey, and fired up the big screen. This Superbowl, take your guests from your living room to the stadium with a green screen photo booth!

Stadium and team-themed backdrops are perfect for end-of-season parties, sponsored events, or transporting your social team to the big time. 

They are a great way to create lasting memories amongst sports fans and strengthen family allegiances. 

Green screen team-themed photo booth pictures are ideal for posting to fan accounts and showing your support online.

Winter: Snowy Landscapes and Snowmen 

Beat the heat with a snowy landscape and snowmen-themed green screen background. 

Snowy landscape backgrounds are ideal for a midsummer joke-y theme, or to celebrate the season when Christmas finally rolls around.

Your guests will love toasting eggnog or miming snow fights in front of a snowy landscape background. Celebrate the beauty of winter at your next event, without having to take a step out into the cold. 

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Medieval Times: Castle and Knight-Inspired Backgrounds

Wouldst m’lady dain to have her portrait illuminatèd by mine picture box? 

Maybe you run a reenactment group, perhaps you’re a history buff, or maybe you just think swords are cool!

Either way, you can take your event to the next level with a medieval green screen photo booth!

These booths are perfect for: 

  • Medieval carnivals 
  • SCA tournaments 
  • Themed parties
  • Ren faires
  • Princess Parties.

Whether your guests are mighty knights defending the battlements, or dainty Rapunzels letting down their hair, you can capture the moment with a Pixilated photo booth. 

Futuristic: Sci-Fi Technology-Inspired Backdrops.

Do you want to use cutting-edge photo booth technology to propel your guests into the future? Consider a sci-fi-themed backdrop! 

There really are no limits to the possibilities the future may hold. Pixilated’s design team can bring the sci-fi future of your imagination alive in a green screen photo booth.

Sci-fi or technology-inspired backdrops are great for conventions, costume parties, or themed balls. Let your guests step into the future with a sci-fi-themed green screen photo booth! 

Greenery Green Screen Photo

Wow Your Guests with a Pixilated Photo Booth Today!

Those are just a few of the possibilities available to you when you use a Pixilated green screen photo booth. 

Feel free to use our themes as a jumping-off point for planning your custom green screen backdrop. Or, if you like to keep things simple, use one of the images we have pre-prepared.

With our range of pre-set backgrounds and in-house design team, you can take your guests anywhere that your imagination can take you.

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Here is a quick cheat sheet, to help you keep our most popular backdrop themes in mind:

  • Out-of-This-World Galactic Background
  • Sandy Toes, Ocean Breeze Backdrop
  •  Comic Book Action Scenes
  •  Dive Into the Deep Blue Sea
  •  Red Carpet Movie Scene Backgrounds
  • Wild Adventure Animal-Filled Backgrounds
  • Sports, Stadium, and Team-Themed Backdrops
  • Winter: Snowy Landscapes and Snowmen 
  • Medieval Times: Castle and Knight-Inspired Backgrounds.
  • Futuristic: Sci-Fi Technology-Inspired Backdrops.

Pick from our favorite backgrounds — or work with Pixilated’s professional design team — and bring green screen magic to your next event!

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