Top 10 Photo Booth Ideas for Conferences and Trade Shows

The Top 10 Photo Booth Ideas for Conferences and Trade Shows

Photo Booths are the perfect tool for engagement and branded UGC

If you’re looking to increase engagement and memorability for your conference or trade show, a photo booth rental could be just the thing for you! 

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Incorporating a DIY photo booth into your conference or trade show is a great way to make you stand out and your guests remember your event. In this blog post we’ll discuss:

  • Ideas for maximum engagement with your photo booth
  • How to tailor your booth for the optimal experience
  • Other ideas to make your booth pop!

Read on to find out more!

Branded Photo Booth Backdrop

1. Use a Branded Backdrop 

What better way to make your brand the sole takeaway from the event than to have your brand featured in the back of all the photo booth pictures! 

The ‘Step and Repeat’ branded backdrop is a common and classy way to reiterate your brand’s importance. These are backdrops often used at corporate events, fashion shows, and red carpet events. 

Here at Pixilated we have a ‘Step and Repeat’ custom printed fabric backdrop, upon which you can print your brand’s logo! Measuring 8 x 10 ft., it comes with its own stand for easy assembly.

No need to worry about extra shipping, either — all of our UPS-shipping is free and we’ll make sure all your gear gets to you one business day before your event!

2. Incorporate a Theme That Relates to the Conference or Trade Show

Themed photo booths are more fun for guests — fact!

Why not try to create a theme for your photo booth that relates to your brand, or the conference or trade show somehow? 

Really, any semi-relevant theme will help increase the interest level of your photo booth experience for guests!

Get creative! 

Themes can be incorporated through the use of themed backdrops, a green screen, and/or props for your photo booth.

Having an outdoor happy hour? Here are some great outdoor vendor booth ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Pixilated Company Green Screen

3. Use a Green Screen 

Green screen backdrops are a really fun way to take your photo booth to the next level! 

Think custom-made brand-relevant images! 

Our photo booth with green screen is a really effective way to add a little bit of the wow! factor to your booth, and they’re so easy to set up.

At Pixilated our team will pre-program your green screen for you ahead of time. Then, all you have to do is set it up and start clicking!

4. Have Props 

Props are another way to hone in on your chosen photo booth theme, or perhaps to give away branded merchandise. 

They also increase guests’ engagement — you can even create your own custom props with your branding!

Logistically, props can help stretch the amount of time people spend using your photo booth and interacting with your brand. 

Plus, they make for more interesting pictures!

You could include costumes, objects or signs in your chest of props — pretty much anything that brings people together to have fun while engaging with your booth is going to be a winner!

5. On-The-Spot Prints with the Conference or Trade Show Logo and Date

A great memento for people to take home with them is an instant print from your photo booth.

If you’re able to print photos on-the-spot from your booth, you can even include personalization to help make your event or booth really memorable.

Why not brand it with the name of your conference, the trade show, your brand name, and the date?

That way when potential customers use your booth and take their photos home, they’ll have a constant reminder of your brand in their homes. Win-win!

Trade Show Photo with Props

6. Hold a Contest

A contest can be a fun and effective way of getting your guests to engage with your content and brand. 

An example of a contest could include your guests posting their photo booth picture to social media with a hashtag of your choice, with a winner chosen at the end of the day. 

(And PS: at Pixilated you can send your photo booth images directly to your phone or email. A great way to collect contact info for your next email marketing campaign)

You could even incorporate a prize wheel into your photo booth!

How about, “Take Your Picture and Spin the Wheel” for an idea? Or “Spin the Wheel and React” as their photos are taken?

The possibilities are endless!

Company Customized Backdrop Photo Booth

7. Leverage Social Media

Some photo booths allow users to immediately post their pictures to Instagram, or with a custom hashtag. Any exposure on social media will help with your brand awareness! 

If this isn’t possible with the booth you’ve selected, you can specifically market the images in a way that promotes sharing on social media. 

This could be done, as mentioned above, through the means of a contest — ie, share this picture on social media with the relevant hashtags and you may be chosen to receive a special gift! 

Or perhaps you could include your social media channels on either the branded prints or backdrop!

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8. Offer a Trade-Show-Specific Promo

A trade-show-specific promo could include a raffle, or promotional merchandise specific to the trade show. This could also be tied in with the use of the photo booth in a variety of ways. 

Perhaps the prize offered could be relevant to your photo booth’s theme

Or how about if entry into your raffle could be bought by using the photo booth? “Take your picture and be in to win!”

9. Set up a Photo Booth in a High-Traffic Area to Attract More Attendees 

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but think through your photo booth placement carefully ahead of time! Placement is the key to creating an amazing photo op.

An eye-catching photo booth is an exciting attraction! Trade show attendees who may not have previously known of your brand may be enticed in with it. 

In order to attract visitors, choose your spot to hit plenty of through-traffic such as close to the entrances or exits. Inward-facing channels where people have to walk through are also excellent strategic locations.

Corner booths are always a good spot, too, as long as it’s not too far away from the main foot traffic!

Bonus Tip: Set up a 


10. GIF Photo Booths

GIF Trade Show Photo Booth

GIF photo booths can add another layer of excitement for the user. 

The more people who enjoy their photo booth experience, the higher your brand, conference, or trade show reputation will be!

If you’re considering a GIF photo booth, we have an awesome and slick booth for hire at Pixilated.

Not only can guests enjoy their animated GIFs, this booth also does still photos if that’s what they’re after!

Make Your Trade Show a Blast with a Photo Booth!

If you’re looking to hire a photo booth for your successful trade show or conference, we’re certain we can help you out here at Pixilated!

Not only are our prices incredibly competitive, our DIY photo booths are guaranteed to get to you one business day before your event — with totally free shipping! — anywhere in the lower-48 states.

Because our booths are not paid by the hour but per the day, for multi day conferences you can just add an additional number of days for only a fraction of the price. 

We have a heap of different packages to suit you and your event, including a Green Screen package and GIF Photo Booth.

And, if you’re not sure about the venue’s Wi-Fi, we’ve got a handy Wi-Fi Hotspot add-on, so you can make sure your guests get their photos instantly. 

Well? What are you waiting for!

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If you’re looking for an amazing photo booth to entertain guests at your conference or trade show, hop onto our easy online booking system and book your Pixilated photo booth now!

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