The Top 10 Photo Booth Ideas For College And University Events

The Top 10 Photo Booth Ideas For College And University Events

If you’re reading this, we’re sure you know just how much work it takes to throw a college event. 

You want to create a space that allows guests to have fun, be engaged with one another, and create long-lasting memories.

A great way to do this is to rent a photo booth!

But how exactly can you make use of a photo booth at a college event?

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with some great ways to use a self-service photo booth to level up your next school event. Let’s dive in and discover how to make your university event an overwhelming success today!

Graduation Photo

Graduation-Themed Photo Booth

Graduation is the perfect time to take photos with your classmates, family, and friends as you celebrate one of the biggest moments of your life.

Self-service photo booths at graduation parties are an excellent way to let guests take as many photos as they want, creating keepsakes that will be treasured for many years to come.

A major benefit of a self-service booth is that they don’t require an attendant. This means that you won’t have to pay big bucks to hire someone or have one of your own staff tied up taking pictures all day.

Pixilated Photo Booth Discount Banner

Pixilated booths are made with easy access in mind. They have big onscreen buttons, easy-to-understand instructions, and a super simple layout to let guests quickly start snapping photos.

This means everyone from graduates to grandparents can start capturing memories in a flash!

Self-service booths are especially good at catching candid moments since they’re much less formal than a traditional booth.

These are often treasured even more than “proper” headshots! There’s something special about capturing the joy of graduates and their families when they reach this amazing milestone.

College School Colors Photo

Add College Colors In The Photo Booth Backdrop

A great way to tie in your event's photos with the branding of your school is by including the college colors.

This is easily done with a backdrop! A branded backdrop will also help unify all the photos taken on that day, especially when they’re posted to social media by guests whose accounts aren’t directly linked to the school.

Here at Pixilated, we have several options that can achieve this. Firstly, we have solid white or black backdrops which can easily be decorated with a school flag for example. Next to that we have a range in colors for sequins or tinsel backdrops

You’ll likely be able to find a match for your college colors in these options, paired with some shiny bling for added style!

If we don’t carry the colors you need, we have other options too. A step-and-repeat backdrop is a great way to make your school’s name stand out in all the images – keeping brand recognition strong.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even spring for a green screen photo booth rental! These allow you to choose any image you want for your background. Some great options are the college logo, sports logos, or school colors. 

Green Screen Campus Landmarks

Green screen backdrops can be used in another creative way; by letting your guests pose in front of various campus landmarks!

This works especially well for welcome weeks and homecoming events. They allow guests to channel the campus spirit, and can even make alumni a little nostalgic for their college years.

These photos make great keepsakes from events, as well as providing marketing for the school when posted to social media.

With Pixilated green screen booths, you can even let your guests choose between four different options so they can snap a pic in front of their favorite feature!

Yearbook-Style Picture

Yearbook-Style Photo Booth

The great thing about self-service photo booths is that users can have complete control over their photos. This means less awkward, stiff poses and more genuine smiles and laughs!

These kinds of candid photos can make great additions to any yearbook; the memories captured in those moments of camaraderie are truly precious.

You could even let students take their individual yearbook photos using a Pixilated booth!

Our backdrops include professional, single-color options that can help keep things formal. Letting students take their own yearbook photos not only means a much lower cost but also allows them to have more freedom with their poses.

It also means you don’t need an attendant or member of school staff to stand next to a booth for hours.

You could even leave the booth in a public school area for a long stretch of time – letting people take their photos whenever they have a free moment!

Orientation & Welcome Week

When running a crowded orientation or welcome week, the last thing you want to do is try and organize photos amidst all the other things begging for your attention.

A Pixilated DIY photo booth kit will make that easy.

Our booths are fully self-operated, so there’s no need for a supervisor. Set up is super easy and once that's done, photos are easy for guests to take whenever they want and are stored and sent out automatically.

Having a photo booth like this is the perfect way to start forming bonds between prospective students.

After all, asking for a photo together is a great way to break the ice in a new place! Making funny faces or silly poses also helps loosen people up, helping them laugh and relax around each other.

Years down the line, students will love having a snapshot of the first few days of their new journey.

Homecoming Keepsakes

A homecoming party is a great place to let the sillier side of photo booths take center stage!

Getting together for a silly photo is a great way for people to break through the awkwardness of their reunion. Laughter is a perfect way to make people feel more comfortable, as well as to reinforce old bonds.

One good way to facilitate this is with props!

Having some fun fake mustaches, hats, and other items for guests to pose with helps them properly relax and enjoy themselves. They also create photos that are more fun to look back on!

Props are easy to find at the local dollar store. Alternatively, you could pick up one of Pixilated’s printable prop sets from our online store. These even include themed sets for things like weddings, graduations, and New Year's parties as well.

Our GIF photo booths pair excellently with prop-filled, funny photos. They let guests take a series of photos that are then compiled into an animation – capturing a few precious seconds of the event as a hilarious keepsake.

College Alumni Photo Booth

Alumni Events

When you finally get together with old friends after so many years, it's a blast to be able to capture some fond memories of the occasion. It can be especially fun if you have some photos from freshman year to recreate together!

Just like at a homecoming event, photo booths for alumni reunions are great for breaking the ice and dissipating some of the awkwardness these kinds of events can initially create. 

They can help strengthen relationships that might have faded over the years, as well as rebuild lost connections.

Having a green screen photo booth with campus landmarks (as mentioned earlier) is a great option here! Alumni will be likely to appreciate the nostalgia of posing in front of their favorite spots around the school.

College Football Photo Booth

School Sport Events

A college sports event is the perfect place for a self-service rental photo booth!

It's an easy way to take photos of a large crowd of people, allowing individuals grab snapshots whenever they want.

Customizing the backdrop of the booth with team logos, colors, and other fun images is a great way to build team spirit on the day.

These will also help make your event more recognizable when images are posted to social media – even if the school isn’t tagged!

Pixilated booths even allow guests to email photos to themselves directly, increasing the number of photos that are likely to get posted online.

We also offer by-the-day rental, rather than hourly! This is great for all-day or multi-day events since you won’t be paying a huge premium for every additional hour the event runs. 

It also means you can focus on running the event itself, rather than worrying about packing up the photo booth by a certain time!

On-Campus Sponsored Events

We all know that events are expensive; luckily, Pixilated photo booths are a super affordable way to get high-quality photos!

They also help save time since they ship directly to you for free anywhere in the lower 48 United States. Our booths come in a single box and setting up only takes 10 minutes – no matter your technical ability.  This means you can get back to worrying about the more important stuff!

Customized backdrops and photos are a great way to build brand recognition and get the word out about your event. The name of the school or event on pictures means that any guest posting their images online will also be giving you easy advertising!

As the organizer, you’ll receive an email with every photo from the day after the return of the booth. These are great for marketing material and products like school newsletters!

Simply Add The Logo Of The School To The Prints!

This is another super easy way to give the school or event more visibility.

You can easily add the logo or name of your school to every photo using our booth’s customization options, meaning any image taken on the day will automatically be linked with the college!

This is great for when guests are posting their photos to social media, while also being super easy to set up!

Logos help photos look more professional and stylish, giving an extra touch of pizazz to each image.

UMBC College Event Photo Booth

Have A Blast With A Pixilated Photo Booth Today!

In short: there are a variety of different ways to level up your college event with a Pixilated photo booth.

Our booths are great for ice-breaking, guest engagement, and brand recognition. These all help make your events even more successful than they already are! In particular, our customization options mean you can perfectly tune our photo booth to your school.

Pixilated Photo Booth SAVETEN Banner Discount

With easy online booking, incredible prices, and heaps of different optional add-ons, Pixilated is the perfect addition to your next school event!
What makes it even better is that we offer a 15% teacher discount

Take a look at our store and see for yourself; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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