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Customized Design - Add Logo or Text

Customized Design - Add Logo or Text

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Customized photo booth design allows you to create your very own branded booth experience. Great for wedding themes and monograms, and for companies to add logos.

*Please note, if you have already chosen a Customized Design within your photo booth rental selection options, this feature is already included in your package.

The perfect solution for infusing a personalized touch into your brand promotions or events. This unique offering seamlessly combines creativity and functionality to transform everyday items into customized experiences that resonate with your audience.


  • Tailored Design Approach: Pixilated's skilled designers collaborate closely with you, ensuring that every design element aligns perfectly with your brand identity or personal preferences.
  • Complete Customization: Beyond logo placement, Pixilated crafts a fully customized design, adjusting color schemes, and even offers templates if you're in-house designers would like to take control to ensure brand guidelines.
  • Event Personalization: Make your events truly memorable by incorporating personalized branded items. From corporate functions to special occasions, leave a lasting impression with unique, event-specific merchandise.


  1. Brand Consistency: The product becomes a seamless extension of your brand story, maintaining consistency in every detail of the design.
  2. Memorable Events: Elevate your events with personalized merchandise that adds a distinctive touch, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.
  3. Versatile Applications: Perfect for various occasions, from corporate gatherings to private celebrations, providing a versatile and impactful branding solution.

This add-on offers a dynamic blend of creativity and personalization, ensuring that your brand stands out at every event. Tailor your photo booth experience to perfection and make a lasting impact with this innovative and versatile service from Pixilated.

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