How to Make Your Next Event Memorable with Photo Booths

How to Make Your Next Event Memorable with Photo Booths

Looking for a way to make your next event special? Photo booths are the answer! 

If you are looking for a unique and exciting way to make your event stand out, a tried and true option is to rent a photo booth. From interactive props to custom backdrops, photo booths provide a fun experience for your guests to capture lasting memories.

Choose the Right Booth

The physical photo booth you’ll use for your event is an important factor in setting the right atmosphere. Whether you’re into classic or modern chic, finding a booth that goes with the vibe of your event will ensure the perfect experience. Many companies offer a range of different booths that come with unique features, such as a  GIF photobooth and Black and White photos, so make sure to choose one that fits both your space and your guests’ needs. Also, you need a company that offers every event like Pixilated we have you covered whether it’s a wedding photobooth rental, corporate event, anniversary party, or any type of event.

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You will want a booth that’s large enough to accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting. If the space you’re hosting in is smaller, make sure to find a booth that folds up and can move out of the way easily. An open-air photobooth provides flexibility to take up a small footprint in the venue while also maximizing the space for large group photos.

You might want to look for companies with props available like mustaches, hats, sunglasses and more. Plus, modern booths should also give you the option to text or email each guest a digital copy of their photo so they can share it online with family and friends! And if you're looking for actual prints, that's often an option as well.


Gold Photo Booth Theme with Glasses and Props

Pick a Theme

Creating a festive, mood-setting experience is key when selecting the perfect photo booth for your event. When picking out fun props and accessories, why not pick up items that fit in with your theme? Adding themed elements like crazy hats or costumes can help your guests get creative, boost their enjoyment of the photobooth, and enhance those cherished memories. What’s more, it's sure to make for some unforgettable photos.

Whatever type of event you’re hosting, think about matching some goodies with the occasion: a beach umbrella and sunglasses for a summer gathering, silly hats or crazy costumes for a themed dress-up party, or awesome props like blue wigs and disco balls for an unforgettable rave. Of course you'll want to keep it age-appropriate if there are young people in attendance; things that appeal to adults should be saved until after dark. Don’t forget the basics either – scrawling messages on giant speech bubbles always creates great moments.


Photo Booth with a Creative Backdrop

Get Creative with the Background and Props

There are tons of ways to make your photo booth stand out and become the hit of the party. Get creative with the background and props by using vivid colors and decorations that match the theme of your event. Use balloons, streamers, or banners to create a celebratory atmosphere that will add even more fun to the photos. 

If you're feeling extra crafty (or want to save money!), make your own props using cardboard and markers. Cut out shapes such as stars, rainbows, or even the top hat and mustache combo that are incredibly popular among photo booth events. You can even create faux signs with inspiring messages like “Party On” or “Say Cheese” to really add that extra bit of character to each snapshot. Best of all, these personalized touches make it much easier to remember the great time you had at the party!


Photo Booth at a NASCAR Race with Custom Branding and Logos

Have Fun with Custom Photo Captions and Logos

Add another level of fun to your photo booth with custom captions on the photo overlay frames. You can be funny, quirky, or even inspirational by including a catchy message or phrase at the bottom of each template. If your event has a logo or artwork associated with it, you can also add that as an overlay for further personalizing your photos. This way, guests will get a unique souvenir to remember the occasion - one that's totally customized and reflective of your own style!

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Customizing the photos with slogans, quotes or logos is easy to do. Depending on which photo booth set up you have, you may be able to personalize each layout instantly from a graphical user interface. You can also add custom logos in the form of transparent .png images. By doing so, your pictures will contain your very own artwork and branding that'll look great online - plus it helps market and spread the word about your event even further!

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Please read our extensive blog post with everything you need to know about renting a photo booth. 

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