How to Choose the Right Photo Booth Provider

How to Choose the Right Photo Booth Provider

Photo booths only used to be things you'd see in the corner of stores to get pictures taken for IDs, but now they're extremely popular at corporate eventsbirthday parties, graduation partieswedding celebrations or holiday parties.

However, as interest grows, so do the number of companies queuing up to offer photobooth rentals for events. Therein lies the problem; how do you know which one will be the best company to choose?

Thankfully, there's no need to worry as we're going to give you some handy tips to help you find the perfect partner to take your pictures.

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Review the reviews

Researching a photo booth rental company should begin with looking at other people's reviews of their service. It will certainly give you a good understanding of what to expect, and if many others have had a great experience, then there's a likelihood your event will go the same way. We're not discounting companies that don't have reviews, but there's no doubt you can have more confidence in a company that has been around for years than those just developing their business.


The amount of money you want to spend is always an important consideration, every event has a budget, and you ideally need to stick within it. Remember that your budget will directly affect the range of photo booths you can choose from and that a lower-end budget will likely reflect in the quality of the images and the equipment on offer. That said, there are a few great budget-friendly photo booth companies that ship photo booth kits directly to you so you can save a few dollars and do-it-yourself. Check out this article where we compare the top self-service photo booth companies. There may be extra fees for certain added extras, and finally, don't forget sales tax will be added on top, so bear that in mind.

Type of Booth

With the advances in technology, there's a whole new world of photo booths out there. Some feature touch screens, some are themed, but the reason for having one at your event is the images. So, it's essential to know that your booth of choice contains the best equipment to get everyone's best side in perfect focus. So it's worth asking what photography cameras are inside; whether they're mirrorless like the Panasonic Lumix GH6 or a Nikon D500 SLR, they need to have decent exposure settings and high image quality.

Printing is also important for some, and again, much like the camera tech, the choices are varied. You can go from the traditional strip of photos seen in a retro booth to options that look like they've come straight from a Polaroid instant camera, or you may want the pictures sent straight to email or even allow for video messaging. Another great option is getting your photo booth prints fulfilled after your event so you can easily create an album of all your event pictures. So, as you can see, it's also important that you to match the printing aesthetic to your event, to make it even more of a memorable experience.

Type of Event

Photo booths are great for all types of events, occasions and milestones. That said, the the photo booth provider you decide to go with should be the one who has the most relevant offering to go with the type of event you're organizing. From bachelorette parties to weddings, school dances to graduation partiesconferences and trade shows to company office parties, or fundraisers, the different events will necessitate different features, budgets, and levels of photo booth engagement.

Customer service

While the photos are ultimately yours and your guests, you're also putting your faith in a company to provide the perfect service. You need to have incredible customer service. The best customer support will be able to give helpful pointers, direct you to the type of photo booth to pick, choose props and perhaps even suggest some interesting backdrop options too! So before choosing your photo booth company, ask some questions and see how they respond; if they're responsive before the event, they're likely to be just as good during the event.

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There you have it, some of our top tips to help you choose the right company to capture super snaps and deliver a memorable photo booth experience at your event, no matter what the occasion.
In case you're looking for more general information about photo booths. Please also read the blog post where we provide literally everything you need to know about Photo Booths

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The month my daughter turns 18 is quickly approaching, so I was considering hiring a photo booth so her party guests could have fun. The best way to ensure quality, as you pointed out, is to either look at the sample photos on their website or request examples of sample photos from previous work. Along with brightness and darkness, lighting is an important factor in determining tone, mood, and atmosphere. Ask if the lighting is included with your rental to ensure you get the best possible pictures. Once I locate a photo booth rental business to contact, I’ll be sure to inquire about it. I appreciate this.

Elle Jones

It’s great that you mentioned that one must consider their budget for a photo booth they’ll spend money on and stick with it. My boyfriend just proposed last week, and I said yes. We’re starting to talk about our wedding plans, and we want to get a photo booth for our guests. I should look into 360 photo booth rentals in our area and recommend them to him.

Zoe Campos

Thanks for pointing out the importance of considering your budget since this affects the types of photo booths that you can rent. My husband and I are planning to hold a party to celebrate our son’s 7th birthday next month, and we are planning to rent a 360 photo booth. Since we want to keep our finances intact while planning the party, we will be sure to do your tips.

Shammy Peterson

My daughter’s 18th birthday is coming soon next month, and I was thinking of renting a photo booth for her party guests to enjoy. I found it interesting when you said that there are now photo booths that feature touch screens or have themed images depending on the equipment they use. I’ll be sure to ask about it once I find a photo booth rental company to get in touch with.

Anna Collins

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