5 Reasons to Add a Photo Booth to Your Wedding Reception

5 Reasons to Add a Photo Booth to Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding is a special time for you and your friends and family. 

And what better way to create lasting memories of your big day than with a photobooth rental

Maybe you're still on the fence about adding a photo booth to your big day and need some more convincing or just more information. We can tell you everything you need to know about photo booths.
Maybe you've pioneered some amazing DIY Wedding Ideas already to make it happen.

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There are plenty of reasons why wedding photo booth rentals are a great option, and in this blog post we’ll take you through five of them:

  • They’re a unique icebreaker that gets people together
  • Using props are a blast!
  • You’ll have souvenirs and memories to keep forever
  • It’s extremely cost-effective
  • You can customize your photo booth exactly the way you want.

So, let's get into why you should use a photo booth at your wedding reception!

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1. It Gets People Together!

You know the problem: for all the intricate seating planning you put in, you’ve still got nowhere to put the groom’s high school friend – other than beside the bride’s second cousin!

And, they’re going to sit around awkwardly for who knows how long… 

So, why not ask the whole table to take a group photo?

After all, what better way to break the ice than getting everyone to discuss what frame to use, what props to bring out, and what poses to try. Awkwardness over!

This isn’t just limited to the start of the party, either. 

You’ll get to see how people bond over the night, and how old friends can be reunited to pull some of the same silly poses as they did when they were freshmen.

Have you thought about a photo booth at your bachelorette party? Get that bonding started between your besties even before the big day has arrived.

Wedding Group Photo with Props

2. Props Are a Blast

A huge part of the magic of having your own photo booth is the props.

Whether they’re ones you order from us or props you create yourself, they inspire a whole new level of creativity in every guest who uses them.

Ranging from mustaches and monocles and speech bubbles proclaiming whether you’re on “Team Bride” or “Team Groom”, to cute lovebirds kissing — props make for some cute and funny photos.

You can provide the props, or even give guests a chance to make some for themselves! Offer a whiteboard and some markers, and they’ll be sure to come up with funky ideas of their own.

Save 15% on all Props To You photo booth props with discount code: PIXILATED

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3. Souvenirs and Memories to Keep Forever

One of the great things about Pixilated photo booths is that they’re digital. 

Although your guests might not be able to physically hold the awesome snapshot they just took, they can simply email or text it to themselves and see it straight away on their phones! 

And one major advantage over the tactile and romanticized Polaroid camera? There’s more than one copy. 

Your guests can take group photos, and everyone will be able to keep their own version! Rather than just sticking them in a memory book, they’ll be able to hold onto these souvenirs forever and share them across social media!

And because our cameras offer crisp, print-ready images, you’re not just limited to a digital keepsake when you get the download link. You’ll also be able to print out the photos from your big day to have a memory you can hold in your hands!

Pixilated Wedding Photo Booth


4. It’s Cost-Effective

Now you've already learned a lot about why to add a photo booth to your wedding reception. A question that may remain is if you get enough bang for your bucks because at Pixilated, we know that when you’re planning a wedding, it seems like everything is expensive. 

In fact – just mention the W-word, and you may find that prices will magically double! 

Not our photo booths.

When you order from us, you know what you’re going to get, as well as exactly how much it’s going to cost. You can even customize your photo booth to fit your price range! There are no hidden costs — and shipping is completely free as well.

There are several different DIY photo booths plus a numerous amount of add-ons in our collections. With the cheapest option starting at just $319 per day. Even our completely customizable green screen booth is an incredibly affordable $899 per day!

And rest assured: that price isn’t going to go up just because you’re ordering for a wedding. We actually offer special wedding bundles to help you save on your photo booth and accessories!

Photo booths don’t replace a photographer in terms of formal pictures. After all, it’s hard to get four bridesmaids, four groomsmen, the maid of honor, and the best man all into a photo booth – never mind the bride and groom!

However, you don’t have to keep paying photographer prices to document the reception when your guests will happily get involved to create the mementos themselves.

Click the following link for more pro tips on how to save money on your wedding reception.

Pixilated Customized Backdrop Photo

5. Endless Customization

When it comes down to it, this is your special day. That’s why having so many options for your photo booth means you can make it reflect your wedding just the way you want.

Instead of having a single option, we (currently) offer four different booths. These are:

This standard offering comes with an 8MP camera, though you can also upgrade to the Pro 18MP camera for even sharper images!

  • The GIF Booth

With this animated GIF photo booth, your guests can turn themselves into GIFs! It’s a fun and funky way to celebrate the big day. But don’t worry, this booth takes still photos as well.

Just like it says on the tin, this booth uses a monochrome filter on every image. Whether you’re going for the golden age of cinema or a sharp, artisanal look, this booth will provide just the right amount of contrast.

Our Green Screen Booth comes with a green screen backdrop and stand (shipped separately from the booth itself). 

Everything gets set up for you by our design team. They’ll get in touch following your order, and you’ll be able to direct them to design the backgrounds of your dreams. 

If you need creative inspiration, you can start with a template. Alternatively, design something new from the ground up! 

And you’re not limited to just one background, either — you can create up to four if you’d like! Then, when the photo booth and screen arrive, simply turn it on and connect to WiFi

That’s all it takes for a fantastic, personalized wedding backdrop!

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Rent a Pixilated Photo Booth for Your Big Day!

So what are you waiting for? 

You'll be convinced after reading our other customers experiences.   

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, creative way to bring your guests together and create lasting memories for everyone, then Pixilated is the perfect option.

Cost-effective, customizable, and most of all — so much fun!

You can first read our photo booth rental checklist or get started on your order right now. We’ll help you create memories of your big day that last a lifetime!

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