The Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth for Your School Dance

The Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth for Your School Dance

School dances are momentous events that define the high school (and sometimes middle school) experience for many students. 

As the culmination of the school year— or even of students’ entire high school education— it’s no wonder dances are so special!

You’ll often hear people recommend that you should rent a photo booth for any school dance that you organize. 

But, why is this?

In this article, we’ll look at some benefits of renting a photo booth for school dances, and why Pixilated is such a great option if you do choose to go down this route!

What are The Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth for Your School Dance?

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Fun and Unique Activity 

A photo booth provides an experience that you can’t really get any other way. 

Students will get to goof off with their friends and take some awesome pictures without it requiring too much time or effort!

On top of that, it’s fun (and easy) for the organizers too. With a Pixilated booth, the photo-taking process is incredibly hands-off, so you won’t need to be watching like a hawk as you would be during other activities!

Personalized Keepsakes 

School dances are often the biggest social events of any year, and students’ memories of them will always include the people they attended with.

There’s certainly no better way to remember the event than personalized pictures of you and your friends!

Being able to give the students at your dance a permanent keepsake to help those memories stay fresh is a great way to boost the success of the party!

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Exciting Icebreaker 

It can be a little awkward at the start of any event when people are just aimlessly flitting about, with nothing to watch or do.

This is especially true for a school dance! Coming in early while nobody else is around can feel strange (and quite off-putting).

By having a photo booth set up and ready to go as soon as people start arriving, you can help your early arrivals get into the excitement from the get-go. In turn, this will build a better experience for the next wave of people who show up!

Additionally, a photo booth will encourage attendees to talk to others— especially those who aren’t part of the group they originally arrived with. 

Since photo booths also serve as a place of interest that keeps drawing people in, more attendees will get the chance to mingle and interact!

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Source of Entertainment 

Need to fill in a break in the music? 

Maybe your Dance is slated for the whole evening, and people are starting to get tired of being on the floor?

A photo booth is an easy and effective form of additional entertainment for those who need some time away from dancing. It’s also less noisy and distracting to dancers than other side events!


Everybody wants a photo at the dance. However, a professional photographer is expensive, and people often don’t have the skills (or the equipment!) to take good pictures using their own cameras or phones.

A photo booth solves both of these problems at once. Not only is it much more affordable, but it also gives your photos a professional shine.

For major events like school dances– this is an absolute win!

Super Customizable

Pixilated’s photo booths have a high degree of customizability, from green screen backgrounds to optional themes and accessorized photos.

And have you checked our list with backdrops for that extra glam. And speaking of glam, take a look at our Black and White photo booth. Or the GIF booth, which is a total hit with teenagers and the absolute fun-winner!

As a result, students will receive personalized souvenirs from our photo booths! These are truly perfect for any type of event— including themed school dances.

Fundraising Opportunity 

Photo booths are also a great option if you want to raise funds for any purpose. 

Asking people for donations to snap photos is a simple and quick way to pay for the booth, or to fundraise a bit of money for your cause of choice.

School Dance Photo

Sharing Photos to Social Media, Instantly

Pixilated’s photo booths are great for real-time interaction between those attending the dance and their friends! As long as you have an internet connection, you can receive your sweet, memorable photos as soon as they’re taken. And if you're not sure about the internet connection at your location, we got you covered with our Wi-Fi hotspot add on.

And what can you do with photo booth pictures that you can instantly receive? 

Why, show them off to the world, of course! 

Students don’t even need to wait for the event to end before flaunting their outfits and showing off how much fun they’re having.

If you’re also doing promotional photos for your school’s social media page, you can upload them while the Dance is ongoing!

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What Pixilated Can Do For You! 

Pixilated’s photo booths are one of the best entertainment options for any event— period

One thing that makes us incredibly special for school dances is that teachers save 15% on our photo booth rentals!  

That’s already a huge bonus, because you can then use more of your dance budget for food, musicians, and more.

On top of this, our high-quality and hassle-free photo booth rentals mean that you’ll have far fewer concerns in a busy school dance environment.

Our photo booths are self-operated, so you don’t need to worry about an operator getting in the way of the main event. Your students also won’t have to feel awkward around an unfamiliar face!

There's no need to teach during the event night, either. Our photo booths are so easy to use, bright dancegoers will quickly figure out how to operate the booth all by themselves!

The final icing on the cake is that our photo booths don’t come with those tricky cable snakes slithering over the floor, potentially tripping up excited dancers. 

Rest assured that you won’t be filling out any health and safety forms from students falling over cords— an issue that is more likely to occur with traditional plug-in photo booths.

School Dance Photo with Props

The Bottom Line

School dances, as one of the undeniable highlights of high school years, are highly significant occasions for everyone involved. That’s why you should entrust them to something as magical— yet easy-to-use— as Pixilated photo booths.

Our photo booths will provide memories for everyone to look back on in the years to come, and help preserve the experience well into the future.

There’s really no better choice: Our discount for teachers, simple setup and usage process, and high-quality cameras make us the perfect partner for your school dances or other events such as graduation ceremonies

So, what are you waiting for? Rent one of our booths for your school dance today!


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