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Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Prop Fun

Photo booth props make pictures so much more fun!

You want to host a fun party with photo booth props that your guests will love, but you don't know where to start.

Photo booth rentals are one of the most popular ways to create memories at weddings and parties, but they're also great for corporate events, holiday parties or even just an impromptu gathering with friends.

We carry tons of awesome printable props in our online shop so you can find exactly what you need for any occasion. Our selection includes everything from classic DIY stick props, like mustaches and glasses to Halloween masks. Also offers a “Team Bride” signs for a wedding photobooth rental, so you can get the perfect look every time.

Choose from loads of designs perfect for baby showers, wedding receptions, holidays and more! All of our printable props are available in high resolution digital PDF files that you can print yourself with everything you need for a successful photo booth experience.

Photo Booth Props

So you're planning an event and you have decided to add a DIY photo booth to provide an extra layer of fun and mischief. Great idea! Now you want to make sure that the photo booth experience is not only a ton of fun, but also that it matches your event theme.

Photo Booth Stick Props

Props with a photo booth is most certainly not a new thing, but the availability of an extremely wide array of options is new and with this article we’re going to highlight some of our favorite vendors who make and sell photo booth props both common and unique.

Which is to say, if you’re looking for photo booth props for a wedding or photo booth props for a baby shower you don’t have to settle for your average Oriental Trading Company props. There’s a wide variety of cool props and ideas out there that will ensure the 40th Birthday Party photo booth props will be a huge hit! After all, this isn’t 39!

Additionally, there are a wide variety of printable photo booth props that you can purchase and download on the cheap for all of you diy photo booth lovers out there. Print your props at home on heavy duty paper or cardstock, cut them out, and affix them to wooden dowels or paint stirs. Because just because your doing a photo booth on the cheap doesn’t mean it can’t be customized and cool. Check out this timeless video we released in 2013 called How to Make DIY Printable Photo Booth Propswhich currently has over 160,000 views and counting!


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Props To You - Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props for Weddings

Wedding Photo Booth with PropsWhen it comes to wedding photo booth props the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you’ve got your heart set on “Mr. & Mrs.” signs, perhaps you’re more of an “I’m with Stupid ->” sign kind-of-bride.

Well, the good news is that when it comes to selecting the right photo booth props for your wedding the options are infinite.

Some of the more common photo booth prop themes for weddings are often in a Gold, Silver or Rose Gold palette and will frequently include “Bride” & “Groom” signs, champagne glasses, bowties & tiaras as well as the always popular Polaroid photo prop frame.

If you’ve been planning your wedding then you know as well as anyone just how many options there are when it comes to picking a theme, colors, look & feel, linens, flowers, and whatever else you can imagine for your big day. The options for props for your wedding photo booth are so immense that you’ll have no problem finding something that’s the perfect match for your wedding. Whether you’re spending huge for your big day or you’re planning your wedding reception on a budget, see below for a few of our “Go To” Wedding Photo Booth Prop packs.

Wedding Photo Booth Props

Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for a wedding:

Photo Booth Props for Baby Showers

Girl Baby Shower Photo Booth PropsBoy Baby Shower Photo Booth Props

A photo booth is a great idea and popular addition to many baby showers. They’re a wonderful way to capture the fun moments between guests, not to mention provide an easy opportunity for the parents-to-be and guests to take photos together.

I feel like we can assume without going too far out on a limb that your baby shower already has a theme to it. Whether that’s a Blue theme, a Pink theme or a theme that defies gender norms there’s probably a theme and much like most popular events and themes there’s gonna be some fun photo booth prop options that will be the perfect fit for your baby shower.

Some of the more popular baby shower photo booth props you’ll find are rattles, pacifiers, onesies and baby bottles in a wide variety of blues, pinks, yellows and golds; to name a few. Additionally, you can find any number of cute signs that perfectly encompass the day like, “Baby Mama,” Poppin’ Bottles,” and “Party at my Crib.”

Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for a baby shower:

Photo Booth Props for Bridal Showers

If you’re considering adding a diy photo booth rental to your bridal shower or you’re just looking for a fun way to add some flavor, photo booth props are a great way to do just that.

Bridal Shower Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props for bridal showers, much like the aforementioned recommendations for Baby Shower Photo Booth Props and the soon to come Photo Booth Props for your Bachelorette Party come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s up to you to find the photo booth props that best represent the feel of your shindig; or, um, bridal shower.

You could be planning an afternoon in the botanical garden kind of bridal party in which case you’re probably more interested in some refined and classy photo booth props or it’s a “Rosé All Day” kind of afternoon and a little naughty to go with the nice is par for the course.

Heck, we might even be talking about a golf outing bridal shower…now that’s par for the course ;)

Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for your bridal shower:

Photo Booth Props for Bachelorette Parties

Bride-to-Be and Friends in a Bachelorette Party Photo Booth

Photo booth props and bachelorette parties are like peanut butter and jelly.

Whether you’re planning on having a photo booth or not, every single member of the bachelorette party is going to thank you when they see all of the fun bachelorette props lying around for the TikTok and Instagarm madness that will ensue. Although, ordering a diy photo booth, GIF booth, or black & white booth will 100% take your bachelorette to the next level. Trust us ;)

When it comes to options for photo booth props for bachelorette parties there are so many directions you can go. Is this a destination bachelorette? Are we in Vegas? Cabo? Miami? All of these details could have an impact on the kind of props you want to go with.

Needless to say, there are a lot of options, both naughty and nice, and who are we to force the decision!? Be sure to check out the links below to some of our favorite photo booth props for your bachelorette party.

Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for your bachelorette party:

Photo Booth Props for Graduation

If there's one thing you know for sure it's that when it comes to graduating everyone will be celebrating. And usually, that means having a ton of fun and a photo booth at the graduation party with [insert graduation year here] grad glasses on with your cap and gown.

Graduation Photo Booth Props

There is no shortage of graduation themes that you can use for your party. Whether you want to incorporate your school colors or mascot into your photo booth props is up to you.

Literally, the sky's the limit!

Similarly to New Year's Eve photo booth props, graduation props get redesigned annually to reflect a new year and new class, and with it a lot of new, refreshed, trendy prop ideas. Which is to say, you don't need to dig too deep to find something cool, fun and up-to-date.

Take your graduation celebration to the next level and get some fun props to make sure your guests have an amazing time taking silly photo booth pictures!

Here are a couple of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for your graduation party:

Photo Booth Props Halloween


When we were just getting started with photo booth rentals at Pixilated, one of the very first events we ever threw was a Halloween party! Having a photo booth at your Halloween party and coming up with some really killer Halloween photo booth props comes second nature to us .

There are so many ways you can go when it comes to choosing photo booth props for your Halloween bash. To start with, you can’t go wrong with classic Halloween props for your photos. 

These spooky Halloween ideas include:

Printable Halloween Photo Booth Props - DIY

  • Ghost props
  • Black cat ear props
  • Bat props
  • Vampire teeth props
  • Skeleton props
  • Jack-o-lantern props
  • Witch’s broom props
  • Witch’s hat props
  • Frankenstein props
  • “Boo!” sign props
  • “Trick or Treat!” sign props

    On the other hand, everybody is already sporting a ton of their own costume props anyway, so it might be funny to do something weird like have only birthday party props so that way it's something silly to complement every person's costume. It stands to reason that if you add a Jason mask to your photo booth prop table, it's not going to really make much of a difference or stand out, but if all of a sudden Jason and Freddy Krueger are both wearing pink pointy birthday hats, well you get the idea!

    You can also take a total DIY approach and download our printable Halloween photo booth props, cut them out, and get to it.

    Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for Halloween:

    Photo Booth Props Birthday

    Is it a 1st birthday party? Is it a 40th birthday party? Is it a 100th birthday party? Is it a boy's birthday, a girl's birthday, a pet’s birthday? When it comes to different types of birthday photo booth props the opportunities are endless.

    Birthday Photo Booth Props

    For every theme, gender, non-gender, and year you'll find a tremendous number of photo booth props for that birthday milestone. If you don’t theme your props on your age or milestone, you can base them around a decade….think about the potential for 80s birthday party props, roaring 20s birthday party props and beyond when you quickly have an infinite number of combinations.

    Check out some of the links below and see some of our favorites for an easy layup in choosing your perfect birthday photo booth props.

    Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for birthday parties:

    Photo Booth Props Christmas

    Santa Photo Booth Props - DIY Printable

    Similarly to a lot of the other themes we’ve mentioned thus far, when it comes to looking for photo booth props for Christmas, you have to narrow it down fast. There are so many different Christmas themes out there and just as many Christmas photo booth props to complement them.

    Whether you’re throwing a “White Christmas” party, doing a fun “Photos with Santa” theme or just want a classic “Christmas Tree” style, there are a vast number of Christmas props, be it for your photo booth or just for festive pictures with family and friends.

    Christmas Photo Booth Props

    Some of the more common Christmas photo booth props are things like Mistletoe, Santa Hats, Reindeer Antlers, Light Bulb Garland, and Candy Canes, but you’ll find a ton more once you start Googling!

    Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for Christmas parties:

    Photo Booth Props 80s

    Who doesn’t love an decade-based theme party!? And if we’re being honest, what deacde is better than the 80s? I’ll wait. Now, every era has its iconic elements but the 80s seem to transcend the idea of photo booths and with it, cool photo booth props.

    80s Style Photo Booth Props

    Some of our favorite 80s photo booth props are Boomboxes, Floppy Disks & Hairspray Containers but there is no shortage of options available. You can even opt for some fun PacMan & Ghosts props; aka the OG Emojis!

    The great thing about 80s props is that you’ll have something totally relevant whether you’re throwing an ET themed party or basing it off your favorite John Cusack movie. Either way, your party is gonna be rad, like ALF!

    Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for 80’s theme parties:

    Photo Booth Props New Year’s Eve

    All great New Year’s Eve parties have fabulous party props. Your party, of course, won’t be the exception to that rule, which means you’ve gotta find some great NYE photo booth props before the clock strikes midnight! The good news is that there are a ton of fun, colorful prop options when it comes to New Year’s Eve festivities.

    Happy New Year Photo Booth Props

    From funny glasses with 2022 across the top to “Happy New Year” signs and champagne flute props, you’ll want to find the New Year’s photo props that are the perfect fit for your party. Thinking of doing a Gatsby theme? There’s something for you, too.

    Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for New Year’s Eve parties:

    Photo Booth Props Class Reunions

    If you’re planning your class reunion, you obviously need to rent a photo booth to document all of the reuniting…so there’s a good chance you’re also looking for some fun class reunion themed photo booth props for everyone to get silly with. Class reunions are always a huge opportunity to reconnect with old friends and take pictures, so having some Class of 2002 photo props around is a great idea!

    Depending on if you’re celebrating a big year or the reunion has another theme, you’ll find plenty of different options. Class reunion photo booth props tend to be lots of signs with messages like “Came for the Gossip” and “Used to be Cool” as well as superlatives like “Most Likely to Succeed”, “Class Clown”, “Prom King” & “Prom Queen” or “Cheerleaders!” You get the picture, right back into the fishbowl.

    Here are a few of our favorite suppliers if you’re looking for photo booth props for class reunions:

    Photo Booth Props DIY

    You may want to consider doing DIY photo booth props when it comes to getting creative with props for your photo booth. Here at Pixilated, we’re big fans getting a little bit weird when it comes to finding unlikely photo booth props.

    DIY Photo Booth Props

    Some easy ideas for a company party could be as simple as pulling out some of the swag you give away at conferences and trade shows for your team to goof around with. Not only is it affordable since you already have it but it also provides a creative way to get some exposure for the company culture and it’s an easy way to show the world your team knows how to have fun.

    If you’re working in a non-profit organization, consider creating signs that evoke the core principles of your organization in hashtag form. It can be a great way to spread your message in a fun and actionable way.

    For all those folks in education — K-12 and higher ed alike — your mascot, school colors and school mantras are your best friend. If you use these elements to inspire your photo booth props the students will go nuts showing off their school spirit at pep rallies and school dances!

    The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to get really creative when it comes to picking diy photo booth props because they’ll go great if you set up a DIY photo booth! We’ve seen something as simple as an empty cardboard box get a lot of mileage so pick some cool stuff and see how creative your guests can get.

    Photo Booth Props Printable

    Printable Photo Booth Props are definitely not new to us here at Pixilated. We designed our first set of printable prop PDFs back in 2013 and have never looked back. Designed right here in Baltimore, Maryland by Pixilated’s very own design team, we have some excellent options to show for it.

    The printable photo booth prop marketplace is a vast world unto itself, believe it or not. The primary idea of a printable photo booth prop is that you can purchase the digital file, download it, print it on your own and then cut out and assemble the props. There is definitely some labor involved in going this route but the options are endless if you’re willing to put in the work.

    Printable photo booth props are an excellent option for the crafty and DIY party planner who’s looking for some fun photo booth props for their party or event. You can find printable photo booth props for pretty much any and all event themes. Below you’ll find a handful of the printable photo booth props we’ve created.

    Here are our available printable photo booth props:

    Photo Booth Prop Marketplaces

    All of the aforementioned prop vendors were hand selected based on our personal taste, quality, originality and price range but they are by no means “the end all be all” of photo booth prop suppliers.

    Also, it should be noted that we chose each vendor based on the strength of their offerings for each of the above photo booth prop themes.

    Below you'll find a pretty meaty list of all of the photo booth prop vendors and marketplaces we could track down on this here internet. If you or your business fall under this category and you aren't represented send us an email with a link to your shop and we'll add you to pur comprehensive photo booth prop list!

    That said, if you made the list and/or want to and offer an affiliate program that would allow us to be resellers of your products we would love to hear about it. Conversely, if you're interested in becoming an affiliate partner of Pixilated photo booth rentals, kiosks, software and backdrops you can join our affiliate program at

    Check out our favorite prop affiliate partner Props To You - Photo Booth Props and save 15% all props with discount code: PIXILATED

    Props To You - Photo Booth Props

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