10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth for Lead Generation

10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth for Lead Generation

Renting a photo booth is a great idea for any event: birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, holiday parties, corporate events. They’re fun, easy to set up and use, and they can help to create memories that will last a lifetime! 

But did you know that these booths can also be an excellent marketing tool? 

When booths have the capability to supply you with branded photos and data collection, they become just as rewarding for you as they are for guests and potential customers!

There are so many ways you can use photo booths to promote your brand, but lead generation might be number one.

We’ll talk you through the hows and whys in this guide, covering: 

  • What lead generation entails
  • How photo booths can help in this process
  • 10 unique, out-of-the-box ideas to apply this. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

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What is Lead Generation in Marketing? 

Lead generation is simply attracting potential customers to gauge and encourage their interest in making a purchase. 

You want to make people familiar with — and feeling favorable towards — your brand before beginning the sales process. 

Leads open up a line of communication before any transaction has happened, and this back-and-forth increases the possibility of a sale being made. 

This process chiefly involves gaining the contact information of people who are interested in a business, and then working to convert them into customers of said business through the already established channel. 

Using lead generation to market your business feels much less invasive to potential customers than cold calling or other more abrupt tactics, as they have already expressed interest and willingly given you their details. 

This is especially true for leads via email, as they are free to respond at their leisure!

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2 Main Ways Photo Booths Help with Marketing:

1. Branded User Generated Content

If you’re renting a photo booth for your event, your guests are sure to post their photos on social media – and you may even want to use some of the photos on your own pages. 

Since these images are going to be widely seen, why not have your branding on them?

Adding branding is free, and widespread exposure, and attaching your logo to these types of images (fun, personal photos) adds a feeling of warmth to your image. 

You can add your branding either as a customized touch on top of the photos, or hire a step and repeat backdrop. 

Step-and-repeat backdrops are a familiar marketing device, and can be found on the red carpet as well as at sports or company events. The spacing and placement of your branding ensure that it will be visible in any image taken against the backdrop!

2. Data Collection

When using a digital photo booth, your guests will already be inputting their emails to receive their awesome photos. 

From there, you’ll be able to gather an email list full of people who are already attending your event, i.e, a pool of potential customers who are already warm to your brand!

Collecting data through your photo booth is probably the easiest way to do it on the day. You won’t have to stand around with an iPad bothering people, or spend your time trying to decipher your guests' handwriting on a contact form. 

Plus, since there’s already a line of communication via email open (as people will be checking to retrieve their photos), it will feel more natural and comfortable to be contacted in that manner.

In fact, your guests will be stoked to be followed up on after the event! 

10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth for Lead Generation

Brewery Customer Photo Booth


If you’re looking for happy customers, a brewery is a pretty solid place to start the search! 

Renting a photo booth for your brewery isn’t only a fun addition to any night out, but can be a great opportunity for promoting your space or product!

Patrons are sure to post their photos after their visit. So, why not add some branding to the images?

When they look back on the pictures, they’ll remember where they had all that fun – converting them from a visitor to a repeat customer. 

Plus, who’s to say their friends and followers won’t want in on the action as well!

Wedding Photo booth

Weddings and Special Events  

Photos at a wedding are an absolute must: everyone will be looking their best, and will also want to show it! 

Renting a photo booth for your wedding reception will take a lot of stress out of the wedding parties’ day as well, as there won’t be a photographer needed. Even if they’ve already booked one, it will be a relief to not have them bogged down with guests and group photos! 

If you’re on the planning side, getting branded images is an amazing way to promote your services. After all, anyone who sees the posted images is sure to want that kind of joy on their big day too.

Charity Events  

Having branding on the photos from your charity is an absolute must, as the main purpose of the event is to raise awareness for your cause. 

Getting a customized backdrop for your photo booth will ensure your logo is visible on each of the images, massively increasing your visibility. 

Getting a photo booth that supplies you with an email list is a great idea as well. After all, people attending the event will already be interested in your organization and driven to support you. 

They’ll be expecting a follow-up email asking for donations or other contributions, and keeping this neatly included in your photo service makes it a pain-free experience for everyone involved.

Festival Photo Booth Rental

Festivals and Fairs  

Attendees at festivals and fairs might want branded photographs more than any other group on this list. Why? They need to prove to their friends they were there! 

Having your event's logos on the photo booth backdrop or on the photos themselves not only keeps your guests happy – it also promotes your event! 

Linking your brand to the grinning faces of stoked festival goers encourages others to attend in the future. 

Data collection right in your photo booth lets you reach out and offer more fun and value to your patrons as well! 

They’ll want to be informed about upcoming events or promotions in the future, so you may as well get their emails the easy way. 

That way, you won’t have to rely on online promotions that may be clicked in and out of a hundred times before a decision is made. 

Company Events and Conferences

Branding on photographs is expected for any corporate event. It shows people where and why the images were taken, and it’s really just professional. 

It’s the norm for a reason, though! 

Adding your company's logo or slogan is key for brand recognition. Plus, there’s a high chance that you may want to use these images on your website, so it’s important that they look official. 

For conferences, getting the contact details of those in attendance is a good idea – full stop!

You’ll want leads on those in the industry, and conferences are important networking opportunities. Not to mention, having a photo booth at your corporate event is just fun! 

Have some play with your work with this lighthearted addition, while promoting your company at the same time.

Open House Photo Booth 

Open Houses 

Is your school or university planning an open house? Why not get a photo booth to commemorate the event!  

If guests are attending your event, they are already interested in attending your institution. 

Why not have branded images, facilitating a sense of place and belonging when people look back on their photos? 

Plus, you can gather the emails of your attendees without making them fill out any additional forms — something they’ll probably be doing a lot of at this type of event. 

Getting your guest emails makes it easy to reach out to them following the function, and encourage them to choose your institution as well as introducing them to any other programs or extras available. 

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In-Store Promotions  

Having a store-wide sale period? Turn it into a proper event by adding a photo booth! 

This addition will foster positive customer relations as you’re supplying something fun (and free) for them. 

It also will mean they spend a longer time in-store, increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase! 

If people are visiting your store, it means they are already interested potential customers. Why not solidify this by getting their emails at your photo booth?

That way, you can provide them with more information about your promotion – or even offer them special deals for using the photo booth! 

These discounts are sure to pay off in the long run when you get a new loyal customer to your store.

Pixilated Trade Show Photo Booth

Trade Shows 

Looking to make your stall shine at an upcoming trade show? A photo booth is sure to draw in attendees to your area so that they can commemorate the event! 

Take advantage of this not only with the increased foot traffic but by promoting your product from within the booth itself.

Having your product logo or branding on the photo booth images will ensure you’ve left your rightful mark as the star of the show! 

Anyone in attendance will already be industry-adjacent and therefore interested in your product.

Send your photo booth patrons a follow-up email so they can learn more about your offerings, and lead them into making a purchase! 

Visitor Centers

Anyone going on a trip is sure to be taking a million photos themselves anyway – so why not provide one for them and take the friction out of it entirely?

A photo booth is certain to be a popular feature at any visitor center, and having your town or attraction’s branding on the photos will be a plus for your guests. After all, they’ll want to show that they’re here.

On top of this, it will likely drive more visitors to your location when they post these photos!

Gathering guest emails is also a nice hospitable touch. Reaching out to see how they enjoyed their visit or stay is sure to be appreciated, and once a dialogue has been established you can encourage them to return again in the near future!

Product Launches

There’s nothing more exciting than when a new product is finally ready to hit the market. Give it the hype it deserves by renting a photo booth for the launch! 

Anyone attending the event is sure to be just as thrilled as you are about your new product, so make sure you give the people what they want. 

By getting contact details at the photo booth, you can reach out directly to your target audience and let them know when and how they can get your product. 

This will also allow you to contact them in the future, invite them to other events, provide information about what you have on offer, or let them know about upcoming promotions. 

Having branded photos is pretty standard for any launch: it lets people who see the photos know why your guests were there! 

If your guests were excited enough about your new product to attend the event and take photos, their friends are sure to look into it as well. 

This snowball effect is sure to mean booming sales and high brand visibility.

Company Step & Repeat Customized Basckdrop

Skyrocket Your Business with a Photo Booth Today!

Renting a photo booth with integrated marketing features is sure to mean success for your business, and fun for your customers! 

With a branded step and repeat backdrop or branded photos, your happy guests will promote your business for you – allowing your brand to become more recognizable across their social media platforms.  

With in-booth data collection, you can gain access to a pool of leads and reach out to form new, meaningful business relationships. 

All in all, it’s an excellent move to use photo booths to promote your company, institution, services, and products! 

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With fully customizable designs, the photo booths from Pixilated are sure to suit any event you can imagine. Of course there is not just one booth to choose from. We have Regular booths, GIF booths, Black & White booths, Green Screen booths and even a Virtual photo booth

We can help make sure your occasion is a hit with our super easy booking and setup process, as well as our range of awesome booths and dazzling accessories. 

Plus, we can help you reach out to your potential customers by providing an email list after the event! After all, we want to help you make the most of this incredible marketing opportunity.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now and get ready for unforgettable memories and a massive business boost, all in one!
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