5 Fun Ideas for Using a Photo Booth at Your Brewery or Taproom

5 Fun Ideas for Using a Photo Booth at Your Brewery or Taproom

On top of the great drinks and food that are sure to impress guests, many breweries and taprooms have also started incorporating exciting new innovations into their activities. 

And while there are a lot of typical amenities out there like quizzes, board games, and live music, have you considered using a photo booth for a more unique experience?

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Not only are these nifty DIY photo booth kits a ton of fun, but they also leave patrons with something to commemorate their great night!

Interested? In this article, we explore several fun ways to incorporate photo booths into your brewery and taproom, and how Pixilated’s photo booth rentals can make this happen!

Hoop Tea Customer Contest Photo

Customer Contests

People love competition, especially when they’re drinking with friends and want to blow off some steam in a safe and sociable way!

What do photo booths have anything to do with contests, you ask? Well, you can use your Pixilated photo booth to start a photo competition

Simply ask your patrons to share their pictures on social media for a chance to win prizes such as free drinks and merchandise.

To give everyone as many opportunities to win, why don’t you try offering prizes in different categories? Here are some categories you can try:

  • Oldest group photo and youngest group photo
  • Best couple photo
  • Best dressed guest or best costume
  • Funniest or silliest photo
  • Best solo photo.

These contests aren’t just fun, they also help promote your brewery or taproom

After all, the best advertising is word of mouth, and having people posting positively about your business on their social media accounts is one of the most effective methods in 2023!

This leads us to…

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Share It on Social Media

In our digital world, people love having any reason for posting on social media

A photo booth is great for drawing people to your brewery or taproom, especially if you have multiple locations available.

If you make sure people know that there’s an opportunity to document their night with your photo booth, then they’ll likely visit just to get some pictures taken…and buy a drink or two while they’re at it!

Of course, the idea only works if you have a photo booth that allows you to receive your photos almost instantly.

Fortunately, Pixilated photo booths do just that! As long as there’s a Wi-Fi connection, Pixilated automatically emails you your photos, making it super easy to share your fun night on social media!

Pair this with a contest and watch as customers return for the prize that their social media posts earned them!

Pixilated Brewery Photo Booth

Fun Props

Another way that you can spice up the photo booth experience is to include props!

These can be virtually anything, from dollar store toys to real objects that are relevant to your brewery or taproom’s theme.

Just think about it: When you’re drinking with friends, something as simple as a silly hat can draw out a ton of laughter!

For a truly effective selection of props, choose those that are consistent with the aesthetic of your establishment. 

Is your brewery an authentic Midwest establishment? Try looking for some old cowboy hats! 

Or, maybe your brand’s focus is authenticity and craftsmanship…in which case, you can upcycle some old equipment that needs to be replaced.

Make sure to also get only the best-quality equipment possible—you wouldn’t want to pull the plug on your customers’ enjoyment just because a prop broke!

Whatever the case may be, props are subject only to your creative freedom, and can even be as silly or as serious as you’d like them to be.

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Customer Memories

Some restaurants feature printed photos of large tables of previous customers, usually including a celebrity or two. 

This practice helps add a timeless feel to the establishment, and it’s something you can definitely incorporate into your brewery or taproom as well!

People love immortalizing their happy memories. Why not provide them a space where they can get their Pixilated photo booth pictures printed out for display?

By celebrating your customers’ memories, you’re also building a sense of identity and community—a really important consideration if you want to become a local classic frequented by plenty of loyal patrons.

If you could go anywhere in town for a drink, wouldn’t you like to go to the place that displays the unforgettable time you had with your friends? 

Just be sure to place the photo board behind the bar, or drunken guests might be tempted to commit some serious photography-based mischief!

Pixilated Taproom Group Photo

Taproom Decoration

Pixilated photo booths also make for great taproom decoration! 

Our customizable photo booths fit perfectly with any theme. Depending on what you need, you can choose from any one of our various booth options:

If you don’t opt for a special backdrop to accompany your photo booth, you can simply use your establishment’s environment as a customizable background!

You’ll have plenty of options to match the aesthetic of your brewery or taproom with the photo booth, too. For example, maybe add a raw brick wall, some equipment, or old photos—all of these can add an atmosphere unique to your establishment.

Because our photo booths also come with their own light source, you don’t have to worry about your guests taking pictures in the dark—although you can certainly install some fancy-schmancy lighting for added effect!

If your brewery or taproom has a vintage theme, be sure to consider our black-and-white photo booth. Producing chic and elegant photos, these booths are a perfect complement to your establishment’s timeless, classical atmosphere.

And if you can’t find a good natural background (or none that are convenient), you can never go wrong with our green screen photo booth rental. 

This booth can either be loaded with a preset image, or you can allow patrons to swipe through a list of preinstalled backgrounds!

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The Bottom Line

Now that you have several ideas for using photo booths in your brewery or taproom, only one question remains: what photo booth rental will help you turn any of these great suggestions into reality?!


Not ready to purchase a photo booth but curious to see how it works? Our photo booth rentals are the perfect way to dip your toes in and see if it's a good fit.

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