Finding Your First Customers as a Pixilated Affiliate

Finding Your First Customers as a Pixilated Affiliate

Tips and tricks to help find your first Pixilated Photo Booth Referral customers today!

In this post, we'll cover 4 “low hanging fruit” communities for you to target as you begin to build your photo booth rental client base.

Below are some ideas on how to find customers using:

  • Local Community Events
  • PTA Facebook Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Friends, Family & Coworkers

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    Local Community Events

    Our day-to-day lives are filled with events and happenings on a seemingly endless loop. 4th of July, photos with Santa, the list goes on and on. All of the events you’re already attending with your families are excellent places to start reaching out to offer a photobooth rental.

    1. Holidays are a great place to start. No matter if it’s the New Years Eve, Halloween or Hanukkah; when there’s a holiday, there’s a party. BTW, don’t just focus on the big guys, I’ve seen more Earth Day festivals and National Donut Day promos than I can count.
    2. Farmers markets, restaurant openings, and networking events are all great places to target for photo booth rentals and can also be excellent places to gain exposure, network and find additional clients.
    3. Dance recitals, community theater, and opening day parades are all natural places for a photo opp, why not be the one that kicks it up a notch?


      Church Groups

      Church groups are a great way to start building your photo booth referral network. Whether it’s Easter Sunday, the Community Bake Sale or the Christmas Concert, photos will be taken. Chances are you’re already on the Easter Sunday event planning committee, why not have a great Easter Bunny photo opportunity for the kids? A few obvious opportunities would be.

      1. Easter Sunday
      2. Youth Group Meetings
      3. Holiday Pageants
      4. Church Fundraisers


        Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s)

        PTA’s are an easy first step; and pathway to learning how lucrative targeting niche community groups can be. Parent Teacher Associations or PTA’s are responsible for planning many of the extracurricular activities that surround Prom, Junior Prom, Homecoming and the Christmas Dance. Not to mention the myriad other events that take place over the course of the school year. When you start to factor in Orchestra, Theater and Sports events you can really get a picture of how large an opportunity schools can be.

        See below for a few ideas on how to contact your local PTAs.

        1. Make flyers to distribute in person at every school. Many school offices have a mailbox slot specifically for PTA’s. Make a few for every school and hand deliver them.
        2. Reach out to the school principal directly. He or She will be happy to help introduce you to the right PTA representative; especially if you have a student in the school. Principals love to have parents involved in school functions and this is just making it that much easier.
        3. Once you get a feel for how to make contact with the first school you focus on you can use Facebook Groups to identify and target every PTA for every grade & school in your district.
        Bonus Tip: Once you get the hang of finding contacts via Facebook Groups try expanding your search to other types of groups. You’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.


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          Friends, Family & Coworkers

          One of the greatest assets yo currently have at your disposal is your friends, family and coworkers. Mastering how to ask them for help with provide endless returns in the long run. Also, these people are going to have a vested interest in seeing you succeed so getting them on board shouldn’t be that hard.

          See below for a few ice-breakers to get the conversation going.

          1. Work Functions - Every business has a holiday party, a summer cookout and a few conferences each year. Figure out who in your company is responsible for planning those and “run into them” at the water-cooler. You might just end up with a new client; or at least you’ll be well hydrated.
          2. Family are a great resource to tap when you’re first getting started. They may not have purchasing power but there’s no better group to help share what you’re doing on Facebook, Instagram and the Beauty Salon. Tell what you’re up to, make them proud and let them take it from there. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have some business cards to give them for referrals.
          3. Friends can be the literal lifeblood of your burgeoning operation. Grab a bottle of wine (or two) and invite your best friends over for a business brainstorming session. They’ll help come up with ideas you would have never thought of and also realize they know a ton of people that could use a Pixilated photo booth; and then they’ll make an introduction.

          In Conclusion

          There’s a lot of different ways you can find your first success as a Pixilated affiliate partner. The most important part is getting that first sale and building up some momentum. Hopefully we’ve provided you with enough ideas for you to get started!

          Have you had success with finding clients for your referral program you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below!


          Need help getting started with your referrals? Here are step-by step instructions. Getting Started: The Pixilated Affiliate Program

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