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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "Standard" design and "Customized" design?

Standard design includes our classic booth interface without any customization options, like logos, graphics or frames. This is a great option if you have a busy backdrop or are going for a clean, classic look.

Customized design allows you to use our templates or to work with our designers to create your very own branded booth experience. Great for wedding themes and monograms, or for corporate events to add logos.

Can I add my logo?

Absolutely. If you choose the Customized design option, you can add your logo, colors, graphics, patterns, fonts, etc.

If I choose "Standard" what does it look like?

Your photo booth kiosk will have a Pixilated logo on a neutral screen with a "start" button.

Your images will not have any treatments applied. This is a great option if you have a branded backdrop or busy setup.

If I choose "Customized" how do I submit my design?

As soon as you place an order with customized design, you'll receive an email from our design team with next steps. You'll have two options:

Option 1 - Use our templates to create your own designs or upload your existing logo(s)

Option 2 - Work 1-on-1 with our designer to achieve your vision

What gets "Customized"?

  1. The Photo Booth Screens - On the physical kiosk, you can brand the main screen that has the "start" button.
  2. The Photo Overlay Frames - You can brand the design that gets applied to each photo. It can be a frame, border, watermark, banner, logo, etc.