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One for the DJ

Have you ever considered adding photo booth rentals to your event offerings? If you haven’t, well, you have now…because we just put the thought in your head :)

Pixilated offers the perfect solution for disc jockeys to add photo booths that allow you to be a DJ, while your booth runs smoothly and amps up the party and adds revenue to each and every event!

Pixilated has you covered whether it’s wedding photo booth rentals, corporate event, anniversary party, or any type of event.

Just set it and forget it...adding value and providing lasting memories for your clients, while adding additional revenue to each one of your bookings. A true win-win!

Why is Pixilated the best choice for DJs?

  • Easily customize photos and manage unlimited events
  • Manage your booth from your laptop
  • Portable and lightweight photo booth kiosk
  • Capture guest info and get more gigs
  • Increase revenue by $300+ per event
  • Runs on our proprietary software platform, PixiCloud -- the easiest and most reliable photo booth software on the market


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Easy-to-use photo booth

Our cloud-based platform allows you to create, edit, and activate new events from the same laptop that you’re using at your gigs, so you can create customized, event-specific overlays and frames that take your event experience to the next level. Your user portal also stores all of the photos that you take at your parties, so you’re able to offer clients an organized gallery of all the fun!

Our PixiTab Plus photo kiosk is incredibly lightweight and portable

It’s an easy add-on sell to all of your clients, since you’re going to be at their event anyway. Our booths are super lightweight and compact, and fit in a small travel case that can easily integrate with your current DJ gear kit. We designed our hardware to be incredibly easy to travel with, especially if you’re already traveling with equipment.

All you need to do is set the booth on it’s stand, turn it on, and it’s good to go!

What's more, you can purchase the entire kit (complete with software and hardware bundled and ready to use) or you can book on a per-event basis and leave the fulfillment to us!

If you purchase a photo booth from Pixilated, you set your own prices, but if you prefer to take the hassle out of it completely, just join our affiliate program and enjoy a 15% kickback commission on every referral order!

So simple and stable that a photo booth attendant is unnecessary

So, while you’re DJing and hyping the crowd up, your booth can do its thing. One of the best things about a PixiCloud-powered booth is that they don’t require staffing. This means you don’t need to be ushering people to the booth, and you won’t need a photo booth attendant, like with traditional photo booth setups. You can go with a GIF photo booth rental to capture the crowd vibe with a little movement.

The booth captures great photos while you spin great music. It’s a win-win!

Capture email addresses and build your marketing list

Each time someone takes a photo with your photo booth and enters an email or phone number to receive the digital pic, PixiCloud stores that event data so that you can reach back out or use for digital marketing purposes. Our software can even be configured to opt-guests directly into email campaigns. 

Use photo booth data to follow up with your guests by sending them the photo gallery after the event. Or send them an email to ask for reviews or referrals. You could even promote future events or offer discounts to potential customers. They’ve already had a great experience with your company, so why wouldn’t they book again? Right!?

Make more money by adding photo booth packages to your offerings

What’s better than adding more fun to your events with a Pixilated photo booth? Adding revenue, of course!


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You’re already getting paid to bring the equipment (and the fun), so why not add something that can increase your per event revenue? On average, Pixilated customers can charge $300-500 per event to rent their photo booth out with custom photo frames designed for their clients. Just think- if you do 100 events per year, that’s an extra $30K-$50K in your pocket!

Want to add a photo booth to your DJ packages?

Contact us and we will guide you through the options.

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