Creating an Easy Photo Moment for Graduates and Their Families

Creating an Easy Photo Moment for Graduates and Their Families

Graduating is undeniably one of the most monumental moments in life – so isn’t it better to make sure that it’s one you’ll remember forever? 

At Pixilated, we are BIG on celebrating big occasions, and we believe that one of the best ways to do so is by capturing precious memories. 

With our easy-to-use photo booth rentals, creating an easy photo moment for graduates and their loved ones has never been easier! 

Curious? Read on to learn about:

  • Why creating moments with Pixilated is so easy
  • A run-through of all of Pixilated’s photo booths 
  • Our offerings and what sets us apart!

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So start practicing your best smile and explore why Pixilated photo booths are simply a must-have at your graduation party! 

Pixilated Graduation Photo Booth

Smile for the Camera: Creating Unforgettable Graduation Memories Has Never Been Easier

Graduations signify the end of an era. Everyone is looking glam, emotions are flying off the wall, and everything is changing. Imagine having a unique way to capture all of this! 

With Pixilated photo booths, creating stylish and unforgettable graduation memories is always a guarantee – and here’s why!

Instant Keepsakes

There’s no better souvenir than one that’s personalized and instant! 

When you rent a photo booth for graduation, graduates get to take instant photos that they can share on social media straight away!

Fun for All Ages

A photo booth is a great way to bring people of all ages together. It’s so easy to take pictures that everybody will want to do it! 

There’s no age restriction for putting on fun props and taking silly pictures together. Your parents, grandparents, siblings, and uncles will all be fighting for their turn!

Create Memories

After all the hard work, graduating is something that you’ll want to remember forever. Luckily for you, we specialize in creating memories for you to fondly look back on! 

With our photo booths, graduates will be able to take pictures with everyone who attends their graduation. What’s more – creating memories with our photo booths means that you can do it in the most creative way possible!

Easy to Use

At Pixilated, we know how frustrating party planning can be. Our photo booths are not only super fun and creative, but they’re also extremely simple!

Not only is it easy and quick to order and set up the photo booth, but it’s also easy to take pictures. Anybody can do it! 

Because of the straightforward design of our booths, there’s no need for supervision or assistance. That’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Pixilated College Customized Backdrop


Our photo booths are highly customizable, keeping guests entertained all night! 

From green screens to glam backdrops, personalization possibilities are simply endless. 

With these nifty features, guests won’t want to step out of the booth! 

Entertain Guests

Who doesn’t love taking photos, especially when you’re all glammed up?

A photo booth is a perfect add-on at graduation parties to entertain guests. Parties are fun, but there’s only so much you can do to keep everyone engaged. Our photo booths are an easy and effective form of additional entertainment. 

With our photo booth rental, your guests get to let loose and have a great time. They won’t want to go home!

Group Photos

Photo booths are great for bringing people together! They’re an exciting icebreaker at the start of the party to take away any awkwardness. 

A photo booth can be a place of interest where everyone gathers around to mingle and interact. Group photo, anyone? 


Taking photos is 10 times more fun when you get to share them with the world! Young graduates will love being able to share their photos instantly on social media. 

As soon as guests have an internet connection, they’ll immediately receive the photos and get the opportunity to upload them online! Graduates won’t have to wait days after the party to show off their outfit.

Pixilated School Gala Photo Booth

Introducing Pixilated’s DIY Photo Booths!

At Pixilated, we offer DIY rentals that are perfect for your graduation party. Our booths are simple and straightforward, fully customizable, and easy to set up by yourself! 

With us, you’ll have everything you'd ever need to create a memorable experience.

So, why are our photo booths so special? Apart from unforgettable memories, what do you actually get when you hire our photo booths?

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What We Offer

Our photo booth rentals come with the whole package — from the camera and the tripod to the lighting. We also have a wide range of rental kits, bundles, and add-ons! 

It’s time for you to learn all about them below: 

Photo Booth Rental Kits

From our classic photo booth kit to our green screen booth rental, we offer different kits that perfectly suit every occasion. 

Going for something with a flair for the dramatic, or one that’s a bit wacky? You name it, we’ve got it!

While we have multiple photo booth rental kits available, we make it easy for you to find the best one for your event. Our options are:

  • Photo booth rental: Standard, classic, and fun! Zero fuss and gets the job done, beautifully; take pictures with your choice of background and props!
  • GIF booth rental: Take things to the next level and produce animated mementos that perfectly capture the grand spirit of the occasion! This one is best for sharing clips on social media.
  • Black and white booth rental: Preserve memories and make them timeless with our black & white booth rental. A little throwback never hurt anybody!
  • Green screen booth rental: Transport your guests to anywhere they want with our green screen booth. The only limit here is your imagination and creativity!

All-Inclusive Photo Booth Bundles

Want to get more and save more? Look into our all-inclusive photo booth bundles. Curated by Pixilated pros, our all-inclusive bundles make your job easier. 

We’ve put together the best of our best so you don't have to! Just choose from the bundles of our most popular products that are frequently bought together, add to cart – and it’s done! 

When we say we make things easy for you…we mean it!

Extras & Add-Ons

Want a little extra? Pixilated has you covered. 

Complete your photo booth experience with fun add-ons such as backgrounds, props, custom designs, backdrops, and more! 

Maybe you want a sequin backdrop to glam up your event, or perhaps you want to take your graduation to the next level with our graduation photo booth props! Whatever tickles your imagination, we’ll get it ready for you.

Graduation Party Photo Booth

What Sets Us Apart?

When we say we are the best, we have plenty of reasons to back it up.

Compared to other photo booth rental companies, our kits are exceptionally flexible and affordable. In other words, we’re the pioneers of the DIY self-service photo booth.

Plus, we also pride ourselves on being truly customer-oriented. We just want the best for you and make sure you have the grandest time at your party!

Easy Online Booking in a Few Clicks

Booking with us is easy! Just visit our website, choose what you like, and check out. You can book whenever and wherever the event is — all it takes is a few clicks!

Free Two-Way Shipping via UPS

We pay for shipping so you don’t have to! Our clients enjoy free two-way shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states, as long as the order is placed at least seven days before the event. 

We’ll also save you the trouble of stressing over the rental — each package is guaranteed to arrive at least one day before your event!

Once the party’s over (on the following business day), all you need to do is put everything back in the same box, stick the pre-paid return label, and ship it back to us!  

Graduation Party Photo Booth with Props

5-Minute Setup

By following our step-by-step guide (it has pictures!), setting up our photo booths is a piece of cake. We guarantee you that the photo booth will be up and running in as little as five minutes.

Compact and Portable

Our photo booths are the ideal size for any venue and location. It’s easy to move and carry and fits into virtually any space – no matter how small!


Don’t worry, there won’t be any guests tripping over long and ugly cords at your event! 

Our photo booths are 100% battery-powered, and we’ll happily provide you with two rechargeable battery packs that will last up to eight hours!

However, if changing batteries isn’t your thing, you can also connect the booth to a nearby outlet using the supplied charging plug. Whatever works for you!

Insane Value Starting at $319/Day

Don’t have the biggest budget? That’s okay – our rates are affordable! 

Take a look around and you’ll see that our booths cost way less than our competitors. Yep, we’re simply the best in the game.

Rent by the Day

Our per-pay-day rates mean that you don’t have to pay for more than you need. You also don’t have to cut the party short, a problem that’s typical with per-hour rentals. 

With Pixilated, you have the booth for an entire 24 hours — which means you can party from sunrise to sunrise!

Intuitive User Interface, No Attendant Needed

Our photo booths are completely self-service. Our equipment is so easy to use that it takes zero expertise! 

All guests have to do is step inside, press a button, and flash their best and brightest smiles! With no one else around, you’re sure to have genuine and candid expressions.

Maryland Graduation Photo Booth

Capture Unforgettable Graduation Memories with Our Photo Booth Rentals! 

Graduating from middle school, high school, or university is a huge achievement and is a cause for major celebration. 

It’s also a time when families and friends come together to revel in the achievement of their loved ones. 

At Pixilated, we know there’s no better way to celebrate this occasion than with memories that’ll last you a lifetime! 

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Planning the perfect graduation party is stressful, and we know that these events should be fun. It’s these moments that drive us to make renting high-quality booths as easy and affordable as it should be!

Our budget-friendly and easy-to-use service comes with an intuitive user interface, sleek and portable design, and fun props — making us the perfect addition to your graduation party!

Why settle for a mediocre graduation party if you can make it unforgettable with Pixilated? 

Go on — hire our photo booths and celebrate your graduation in the best way possible. You know you deserve nothing less!

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