How Creative Uses of Photo Booths Can Grow a Business

How Creative Uses of Photo Booths Can Grow a Business

Whether you’re a small startup that’s finally just moved into its first real physical location, or a well-established company that’s been growing steadily for years, every business owner has something in common. Your goal is to improve business and nurture customer growth.

There are lots of ways to do this. There are traditional means of advertising, like paying for a billboard or a TV commercial. There are newer marketing methods, like actively engaging on social media and creating amazing content for your customers to share across the Internet. And, of course, there’s the tried-and-true technique of having a fantastic product or service that speaks for itself, and that keeps customers coming back again and again. These are all outstanding ways to create business growth.

But what else can you do? How can you ensure every customer or guest who walks through your doors has a wonderful experience? How can you make their time with you stand out as a truly memorable event?

There are lots of innovative ideas to differentiate your business, but the one we’re going to discuss today is a photo booth rental. While it might not be the first thing you associate with customer experience and business marketing, a photo booth is a highly valuable tool you can use to get the most out of every customer visit.

Let’s look at some ways you can use photo booths as a creative business marketing tool to help grow your business and create and retain customers.

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Different Venues and Businesses That Can Benefit From Using Photo Booths

Photo booths are neat, but they’re only good for very specific types of places and uses, right? Many people associate photo booths with parties, dances and maybe the occasional booth at a mall or theme park.

However, while it is true you might expect to see a photo booth in those places, there are so many more possibilities most people would never even think of. By opening your mind to the myriad potential uses of photo booths, you’ll see anyone can use them as a business marketing strategy.

Let’s look at a few specific types of businesses that can easily fit a photo booth into their functions.

1. Zoos/Aquariums

In many cases, the best places to put a photo booth are places where people already want to take pictures. And who doesn’t want to take pictures with the amazing animals they find in a zoo or an aquarium?

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a photo booth into your aquarium or zoo. One option and perhaps the most obvious one is to place the photo booth camera so it’s pointing at an animal’s enclosure. This way, an entire family or group of friends can get their picture taken with their favorite animal, without anyone having to bow out to snap the photo.

If your zoo includes a petting zoo with smaller and more kid-friendly animals, this is another excellent place to install a photo booth. Why not give your guests the opportunity to cuddle a small creature and pose for the camera?

Other great places for a photo booth include in front of any signs of posters for the zoo. If there’s a place that seems like it could make for an excellent Kodak moment, it’s worth putting a photo booth there. And if you do choose to go with a more traditional enclosed photo booth, seize the opportunity to provide plenty of animal-themed accessories for your guests to decorate themselves with.

2. Animal Shelters

If you have an animal shelter or animal rescue operation of any kind, and you aren’t using a photo booth, you might be missing out on one of your greatest marketing opportunities yet. Photo booths for animal shelters are an almost genius way to advertise the animals you’ve rescued and help them find loving homes.

There are a few different ways animal shelters can integrate photo booths into their operations. One way is to let the animals into the photo booths prior to their adoption. Help the dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster or other animals in the photo booth, then start it up and let it snap a few pictures. While it might take a few tries to get your furry friends to stay put, the results you’ll get will be well worth it.

Pictures like these can often do wonders to capture an animal’s personality. You might catch them yawning and looking disinterestedly away, you might capture them looking shocked at the camera’s flash or you might find them curiously nosing at the camera and trying to figure out how it works.

You can then advertise these photos on your website, using them to showcase the pets you have in your shelter. These personality-driven images can be one of the best tools to bring in people looking to adopt, who were attracted to the vibrant characters and cute faces captured in the pictures.

Another creative way to use a photo booth at an animal shelter is to give new adoptive pet parents the opportunity to step into one with their four-legged friend before they leave. These little snapshots make adorable mementos for families to take home and frame, and they serve as an unforgettable photo reminder of the day they welcomed the newest member of their family into their forever home.

3. Bars

Going out to a bar is usually about unwinding and having fun with your friends. It’s about having a few drinks, forgetting the stress of the day, singing some questionable karaoke and enjoying yourself with the people who make you happy. Adding a photo booth into the mix is just one more way to make your night even more fun and memorable.

It’s no secret many groups of friends have a beloved bar where they hang out. So as the manager or owner of a bar, what can you do to make your establishment stand out from the competition and become everyone’s favorite local watering hole?

Obviously, there are a lot of things you can do. You can have a great selection of drinks, affordable prices, good atmosphere, catchy music and exceptional service. But you can also add something no other bar has except you. And the uniquely special twist that sets you apart could be a photo booth.

By installing a photo booth, you’re adding a bonus activity people can do when they’re visiting your bar, and it makes a wonderful take-home souvenir that will help your customers remember all the fun times they had at your bar and want to come back for more.

4. Venues

It’s no secret when people book venues for events, they like to bring photo booths with them. Whether it’s for a wedding, concert, party, dance or some other event, everyone knows a photo booth means instant souvenirs in the form of take-home snapshots. However, consider the possibilities that open up when a venue chooses to install a permanent photo booth.

Photo booths for venues are a great way to set yourself head and shoulders above any other nearby venues that might provide competition for you. At these other places, individuals will have to book their own photo booth. But at your venue, it comes built-in. You can even provide photo booth props that are unique to your venue and location to help guests remember the fun time they had. As a bonus, every time they share these photos, your name will receive a little more recognition.

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5. Salons

After someone gets an awesome new haircut, hair color or a daring new hairstyle, what’s the first thing they usually want to do? In today’s digital age, most people want to take a picture and show the world. Of course, most people get into the car and take a selfie with their phone, but wouldn’t it be fun if salons came equipped with a photo booth where you could show off your new haircut in style?

Photo booths for salons are a great way to make your customers happy and sneak in a little extra marketing at the same time. By providing the opportunity to take a picture with their new haircut, you’re offering them a better way to do something most people already want to do. With a photo booth, people can also get multiple shots, better lighting and angles and a more fun experience. This is good news for you for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it makes your customers happy. They’ll remember not only that you gave them an awesome haircut, but you also provided them with a bonus picture-taking experience they can’t get at any other salon. They’ll be more likely to come back because of it. The photo booth is also a great marketing technique because happy customers will share these photos, giving your salon free advertising.

This use of a photo booth isn’t limited to hair salons, either. You can just as easily put one in a nail salon, a beauty parlor or a day spa. Any business where customers can get a makeover or appearance-changing experience is a perfect venue for a photo booth.

How to Collect Customer Information Through a Photo Booth

In addition to all the different ways photo booths can help guests have a wonderful time at your business and share their experience with their friends through keepsake photos, there’s another way photo booths can help your business grow. Namely, photo booths are great at helping you collect information on your customers.

It works like this. When a customer takes a photo at your DIY photo booth, this is your opportunity to ask for some little pieces of information. For example, to receive their photos, maybe customers will need to input a name and an email. Now, you have the customer’s email on file, and you can take the opportunity to add them to mailing lists and periodically send them coupons, promos or gifts.

While many people may be reluctant to give you their email address, few customers will object to exchanging it for a fun keepsake photo. Photo booths can be a fantastic and painless way to gain a little extra information on your customers and guests.

The Value of Installing a Permanent Photo Booth

Pop-up photo booths are a wonderful invention. They’re good for people throwing a one-time event where they only want a photo booth for the space of one day, or perhaps a weekend. After that, they have no more use for it.

But as a business owner, a photo booth is an investment. It’s something you’ll use time and time again. It will become a part of your brand, and a unique feature that sets you apart from other businesses like you. For you, a permanent photo booth is a far better option than a simple temporary booth.

This is where PixiCloud comes in.

PixiCloud is a permanent or mobile photo kiosk that allows you to easily capture and share moments. It’s a small device that can easily install onto walls in your location and lets you create digital, branded photos that are emailed to your customers. It also comes with a whole host of features for you to use.

What makes The Pixi Cloud so useful is how customizable it is. It’s not just a generic, one-size-fits-all experience. Instead, business owners can customize their The Pixi Cloud to create photos that uniquely reflect their brand and their style. They can use them to promote loyalty and rewards programs.

And all these features exist to drive an amazing customer experience and promote business growth and advertising in the digital age. Customers will be able to share their one-of-a-kind photos online, where their friends and family will not only be able to see the fun they had at your business but will also be able to see your brand name. In this way, both you and the customer benefit from the photos.

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You can also use PixiCloud to collect data from your customers, as you prompt them to enter information, enter contests, join mailing lists and more.

The best part is PixiCloud packs all this customization and efficiency into a small and innocuous package. Unlike a full-sized temporary photo booth, The Pixi Cloud mounts to the wall and never gets in the way or looks out of place. Its small, sleek design fits perfectly into any kind of space.

Get Started With PixiCloud Today

No matter what your business does, PixiCloud is a good fit for your marketing strategy. If you think this permanent photo booth is the right choice for your company, we’re excited to get you started. Contact us today to learn more about PixiCloud and to find out how you can begin your own photo booth installation.

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