How to set up a DIY Photo Booth

How to Set Up a DIY Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth: A Pixilated How To

Throwing a party? You need a photo booth! It’s 2014 people!

Photo booths made simple.

At Pixilated, we specialize in the photo booth experience. We’ve provided photo booth services for over a thousand events, and in the meantime became full-blown photo booth experts!

We understand that not every party needs a Green Screen, GIF Booth or a Slo-Mo Video Booth, and more importantly that not every party has the budget!

That said, we are going to show you how to build a DIY photo booth, in its absolute simplest of forms.

In the video and post below we outline how to build a photo booth in 10 easy steps, with minimal equipment and no software.

What you need


  • Charge camera battery

  • Verify space on camera memory card

  • Clear an area about 6’x6’.  For most consistent photo lighting, use a wall (clear or decorated) as photo backdrop

How to assemble

  1. Set up monitor on table about 5-6 feet opposite the backdrop wall

  2. Behind the monitor on the table, set up camera on tripod so that the camera lens is above the monitor, and back of monitor is not visible in photo frame

  3. Turn on the camera

  4. In settings, make sure “Live View” shooting is enabled

  5. Still in settings, set your on screen image review to 4 seconds

  6. Plug in the monitor power

  7. Plug the HDMI cable into both the camera mini HDMI port and the monitor HDMI port

  8. Plug the remote shutter release into your camera

  9. Turn on the monitor and make sure the correct source (HDMI) is selected. Press the Live View button on the camera. You should see the view from the camera displayed on the screen

  10. Stand in front of the camera, pose and push the remote shutter release to take your photo! You will see a quick 4 second review, and then back to live view to take more photo booth pictures!

You're DIY Photo Booth is ready.

Just like that...have fun!


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