Pixilated Photo Booth Backdrop Setup Instructions

This instructional video includes step-by-step instructions for setting up a photo booth backdrop.

The assembly shown in this video applies to both our solid backdrops and sequin backdrops.

Photo Booth Backdrop Setup Video Instruction Steps Below

  1. Open the box and remove all of the items.
  2. On each tripod, loosen the two lowest knobs. Expand the legs at the base. Extend the uprights. Tighten both knobs. Place the tripods approximately 10' apart.
  3. Unscrew the wing nuts at the top of each tripod. Put them in a safe place. You will need them later.
  4. Connect the two top crossbar poles. Like a curtain rod, slide the assembled crossbar through the pole pocket at the top of the backdrop fabric.
  5. Align the hole in the crossbar with the tripod, then place one end on the first tripod and the other end on the second tripod. Spread the fabric across the frame.
  6. Moving from side to side, extend the additional sections of the tripod uprights. Screw the wing nuts back in place to secure the crossbar pole. Extend the frame to full height and width. Tighten all knobs.
  7. Pull the backdrop edges around the uprights to tighten it. Add the four clips, two per side, to ensure the fabric is secure and taut.


    For more helpful resources, how tos, and setup guides, check out the Pixilated Resource Library.

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