Collection: School Photo Booth Bundles

Pixilated is a company that offers photo booth solutions for college and university events, and one of their most popular offerings are their self-service School Photo Booth Bundles. These bundles are perfect for college and university events such as formals, homecomings, and graduations.

The School Photo Booth Bundles come in a variety of options, depending on the specific needs of the college or university. For example, the College Essentials Photo Booth Bundle includes a photo booth rental for up to 24 hours, unlimited digital photos, a custom photo template, and an easy-to-use self-service kit that allows guests to email or text themselves their digital photos. This bundle is perfect for colleges and universities on a budget who still want to offer a fun and memorable experience for their students.

One of the benefits of using Pixilated for college and university events is that their self-service photo booth rental requires no staff to operate. This means that the college or university can save on staffing costs and focus on other aspects of the event, such as decorations and entertainment.

Overall, the School Photo Booth Bundles offered by Pixilated are a great option for colleges and universities looking to add some fun and excitement to their events. With customizable options and a self-service kit, Pixilated takes the stress out of photo booth rentals and provides a memorable experience for students.