5 Photo Backdrops for Your Housewarming Party

5 Built-In Backdrops for Your Housewarming Party Photo Booth

A housewarming party is always an exciting occasion – it’s a brand new chapter of your life! 

If you plan on taking pictures at your party (which you should!), you’re likely going to cherish them for years to come. 

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Though looking calm, transparent and clean, you don’t have to settle for a solid white background for the pictures of your special occasion. Gather your friends around a photo booth and make your pictures pop with a striking backdrop!

Today we’ll be going through our top five picks for the best built-in backdrops for your housewarming party.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into it! 

Floral Wall Photo Backdrop

Floral Wall 

Embrace the fresh and elegant energy that comes with a traditional floral wall backdrop! 

A floral wall provides a soft and classy look to any picture, while still weaving in a vivid pop of natural color. 

This delicate backdrop is stunning and keeps your pictures looking bright and tasteful. A floral wall is absolutely perfect for parties set in spring or summer, and will be a lovely touch to your event. 

Snap some pictures with your friends and enjoy the cheerful mood that a floral wall is sure to bring!

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and the natural beauty of a floral backdrop never goes out of style.

Rustic Wall Photo Booth Backdrop 

Rustic Wood Paneling 

For a more cozy look, perhaps give a rustic wood paneling backdrop a go!

Create a homey, laid-back atmosphere with a background of rich wooden panels. This is a charming backdrop that will give your pictures an undeniable air of comfort and warmth!

The neutral color scheme will provide a nice, complimentary background to your picture, and is sure to suit everyone.  

This rustic backdrop brings a wholesome and natural feel that will be flattering in any picture. The distressed wood also adds great texture to the picture, making it even more dynamic!

Chalkboard Photo Booth Backdrop

Chalkboard Backdrop 

A chalkboard backdrop is a great way to snap some striking photos with amazing contrast!

The sharp and clean appearance of the chalkboard background means that you are really going to pop as a focal point in the foreground of the image. That’s not to mention the nostalgia of having a good old-fashioned chalkboard in the mix! 

The black and white color scheme also means that you don’t have to worry about any clashing colors when it comes to your guests' outfits. 

The chalkboard is great for when you want to pull focus in front of a classy backdrop that is really going to make you stand out.

Tinsel Photo Booth Backdrop

Tinsel Wall 

If you want to try out a fun, indie feel, maybe give a tinsel wall a try. 

This stylish, eye-catching backdrop gives a great textured appearance and will look wonderful on camera. 

The funky, dynamic background of the tassels and tinsels is a wonderful way to bring some life to your pictures!

Bring the festival vibes into your home and snap some stylish pics with your friends. The tinsel garland wall backdrop gives an energetic and unique look to your pictures and livens up the background. 

If you step outside the box with this boho look, it’s sure to turn heads!

And if you like the sparkle but not the tinsel, then sequin backdrops might be your gem. You'll need a stand for this backdrop but it will definitely make your photos look fancy, chic and elegant. 

Greenery Photo Booth Backdrop

Greenery Wall 

For all nature lovers out there, this one's for you!

Strike a pose in front of an enchanting greenery wall. This look has become more and more common over the years as a photo backdrop – and for good reason! 

The calming tones of the foliage provide a beautiful, graceful scene without being too distracting. 

This serene backdrop is simple yet stunning with its charming, earthy look. The deep, lush appearance of the greenery wall will always look flattering as a background for your pictures. 

You’re sure to look bewitching with a backdrop of natural beauty! 

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The Bottom Line

photo booth is a fun and interactive way to create great memories with friends – an absolute must-have at your housewarming party! 

Everybody has their own unique style, and your DIY photo booth backdrop should reflect that as well. 

Maybe you want a natural earthy vibe, such as that of the floral or greenery wall, or something a bit more rustic such as a wood paneling backdrop. 

Perhaps you want some sharp contrast with the chalkboard backdrop – or even some funky energy with the tassel garland wall!

Whatever the case may be, there are countless backdrops to choose from, so pick your favorite style and go wild.

Not sure where to begin, or just looking for a new way to add an extra bit of fun to your events? Rent a photo booth here.

It’s sure to be a hit at your next gathering, and you’ll gain not only a new source of party entertainment but mementos you can treasure for a lifetime.

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