The DIY Revolution: Exploring the Growing Trend of DIY Events

The DIY Revolution: Exploring the Growing Trend of DIY Events

DIY noun

  1. the activity of decorating, building, and making repairs at home by oneself rather than employing a professional. "DIY avoids the difficult relationship between householder and professional decorator"

    Do-It-Yourself Events

    Do-It-Yourself (DIY) events have been gaining popularity in recent years, challenging traditional event planning practices. From weddings to corporate events, more and more people are opting to take the reins and plan their own events.

    But is DIY becoming the new norm? In this blog post, we will delve into the growing trend of DIY events and explore why it has become a popular choice for many.

    The Rise of DIY Events

    DIY events are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. One of the main drivers behind this trend is the desire for customization and personalization.

    With DIY events, individuals have the freedom to create an event that reflects their unique style, personality, and preferences. This level of customization allows for a more intimate and meaningful experience for both the hosts and the guests.

    Another factor contributing to the rise of DIY events is the cost-saving aspect. Hiring professional event planners can be expensive, and DIY events provide an opportunity to save on costs by taking on the planning and organization oneself.

    This can be particularly appealing for budget-conscious individuals who want to create a memorable event without breaking the bank.

    Furthermore, the availability of online resources and inspiration has made DIY event planning more accessible than ever before. Websites, blogs, and social media platforms offer a plethora of ideas, tutorials, and tips for planning various types of events, including weddings, corporate events, and more.

    This wealth of information has empowered individuals to take on the challenge of planning their own events with confidence.


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    DIY Wedding Trends

    One area where the DIY trend has gained significant traction is in wedding planning. Couples are increasingly opting to plan their own weddings to create a truly unique and personalized experience.

    Here are some popular DIY wedding trends that are gaining momentum:

    • DIY Photo BoothsPhoto booth rentals have become a staple at many weddings, providing a fun and interactive activity for guests. Setting up a DIY photo booth can be a creative and cost-effective way to capture cherished memories. With some basic equipment and props, anyone can create a fun and memorable photo booth rental for weddings.
    • Unique Wedding Gift IdeasDIY wedding gifts are becoming a popular trend as couples look for thoughtful and personalized gifts for their guests. From handmade favors to customized mementos, DIY wedding gifts add a personal touch to the celebration. Some examples of DIY wedding gifts include homemade jams or pickles, handmade soaps, and personalized glassware.
    • Last-Minute Wedding DetailsDIY wedding planning allows for greater attention to detail, including those last-minute touches that are often overlooked. From handcrafted centerpieces to personalized signage, DIY wedding details can add a unique touch to the event. For example, creating a DIY seating chart or making your own wedding invitations can add a personal and creative touch to the event.
    • Wedding AlbumsDIY wedding albums are a creative way to capture and preserve the special moments of the big day. From designing the album layout to choosing the perfect photos, DIY wedding albums allow for full creative control. Couples can create a unique and personalized wedding album that captures their special day in a way that professional photographers may not be able to.
    • Floral ArrangementsDIY floral arrangements are becoming increasingly popular as couples look for creative and cost-effective ways to decorate their wedding venue. With some basic floral arranging skills and some help from online tutorials, anyone can create stunning floral arrangements for their wedding. From bouquets to centerpieces, DIY floral arrangements can add a personal and unique touch to the wedding decor.

    If you're looking for additional DIY Wedding inspiration you'll love reading our Dreamy Backyard Wedding Ideas post.

    DIY Corporate Events

    The trend of DIY events is not only limited to weddings but has also expanded to the corporate event planning sector. As companies strive to create a unique and engaging experience for their employees and clients, DIY corporate events have gained popularity. 

    These events can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business and can offer a cost-effective way to celebrate achievements, launch new products, or strengthen team bonds.

    Here are some popular DIY corporate event ideas:

    • Team-building Activities: DIY team-building activities can help foster teamwork and collaboration among employees. These activities can range from outdoor adventures like hiking and camping to indoor activities like escape rooms and game nights.
    • Themed Events: Themed events can be a fun and creative way to celebrate a company's culture or to launch a new product. For example, a technology company might host a sci-fi themed event to showcase their latest innovations.
    • Office Décor: DIY office décor can help create a unique and inviting atmosphere for corporate events. This can include handcrafted centerpieces, customized signage, and other DIY decorations that reflect the company's branding and values.
    • Catering: DIY catering can be a great way to save money on corporate events while still offering delicious and creative food options. This can include setting up a DIY taco bar or even creating custom cocktails.
    • Photography: DIY event photography can be a fun and cost-effective way to capture memories of the event. This can include setting up a DIY photo booth or even hiring a professional photographer to provide tips and guidance on taking great photos.

    A photo booth can also make a great addition to a corporate event; to get a better understanding of what to look for check out our Ultimate Guide to Photo Booth Rentals.

    DIY Event Ideas

    There are many DIY event ideas that you can try out for your next event. These ideas are perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their event without breaking the bank. Here are some DIY event ideas that you can consider:

    • DIY Photo Booths: Photo booths have become a popular feature at many events, providing guests with a fun and interactive activity. Setting up a DIY photo booth can be a creative and cost-effective way to capture cherished memories. You can use props, backdrops, and lighting to create a unique photo booth experience.
    • Customized Party Favors: Customized party favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending your event. You can create personalized gifts by adding the guest's name or initials to the gift. You can also customize the gift to fit the theme of your event.
    • Handmade Decorations: Handmade decorations are a great way to add a personal touch to your event. You can make your own centerpieces, table settings, and decorations using items that you already have at home. You can also use Pinterest for inspiration on how to make your own DIY decorations.
    • DIY Invitations: DIY invitations are a great way to add a personal touch to your event before it even begins. You can create your own invitations using a design software, or you can even make them by hand. This will give your guests a sneak peek into what they can expect from your event.
    • Food and Drink Stations: Food and drink stations are a great way to add some creativity to your event. You can create a DIY dessert station, a DIY cocktail bar, or even a DIY popcorn station. This will give your guests the chance to customize their own snacks and drink
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    DIY Event Planning

    DIY event planning can be a daunting task, especially if you've never done it before. However, with the right resources and planning, you can create an event that is both memorable and affordable. Here are some tips for successful DIY event planning:

    • Create a Budget: The first step in DIY event planning is to create a budget. This will help you determine what you can realistically afford and where you need to cut costs. You can use online budgeting tools to help you create a budget that works for you.
    • Make a Timeline: Once you have a budget in place, the next step is to create a timeline. This will help you stay organized and ensure that everything gets done on time. You can use a free online project management tool to create a timeline and keep track of your progress.
    • Delegate Tasks: DIY event planning doesn't mean that you have to do everything yourself. Delegate tasks to friends and family members who are willing to help. This will not only make your job easier, but it will also create a sense of community around your event.
    • Research Vendors: If you need to hire vendors for your event, do your research to find the best deals. Look for vendors who are willing to work with your budget and who have good reviews from previous clients. You can also negotiate prices with vendors to help you save money.
    • Use Online Resources: There are many online resources available to help you with DIY event planning. From researching Fun DIY Event Ideas on event planning blogs to online communities, you can find a wealth of information to help you plan your event. You can also use social media to connect with other DIY event planners and share ideas.

    The Pros and Cons of DIY Event Planning

    While DIY event planning may be an attractive option, it is not without its challenges. It should go without saying but just because you like the budget of a DIY event doesn’t mean you’ll like to the work that it entails; or the outcome.

    Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to plan your own event:


    • Cost savings: One of the main benefits of DIY event planning is the ability to save on costs. By taking on the planning and organization yourself, you can avoid the fees charged by professional event planners.
    • Customization: DIY events allow for a high level of customization and personalization. This can lead to a more intimate and meaningful experience for both the hosts and the guests.
    • Creative control: With DIY event planning, you have full creative control over every aspect of the event, from the theme and décor to the food and entertainment.
    • Sense of accomplishment: Successfully planning a DIY event can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that you were able to pull off an event on your own.


    • Time-consuming: Planning a DIY event can be time-consuming, particularly if you are inexperienced or do not have the necessary skills and resources.
    • Stressful: The pressure of planning a successful event can be stressful, particularly if you are working with a limited budget or have high expectations.
    • Risk of mistakes: Without the guidance and expertise of a professional event planner, there is a risk of making mistakes that could impact the success of the event.
    • Limited resources: DIY event planning may be limited by your access to resources, such as equipment, decorations, and catering services.


    In conclusion, the trend of DIY events is here to stay. With the availability of online resources and inspiration, DIY event planning has become more accessible than ever before. DIY events offer a more personalized and intimate experience for both hosts and guests, and they can be more affordable than traditional event planning.

    Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or a simple get together; there are a ton of amazing options for adding some DIY flare to your event whether it be a animated GIF photo booth, a black and white photo booth, a green screen photobooth, or just a  DIY wedding photo booth.

    Well, Almost... Who are we kidding, you know we can “Conclude” anything without a few handy photo booth recommendations; it’s kind of what we do:)

    9 Creative DIY backdrop Ideas for a Photo Booth

    1. Tassel Garland Backdrop: Create a fun and colorful backdrop by hanging a tassel garland. You can buy premade tassel garlands or make your own by cutting strips of tissue paper and attaching them to a string.
    2. Balloon Backdrop: Use different colored balloons to create a whimsical backdrop. You can create an arch or simply attach them to a wall with tape.
    3. Floral Backdrop: Use artificial or real flowers to create a beautiful floral backdrop. You can create a full wall of flowers or a smaller arrangement to use as a focal point.
    4. Streamer Backdrop: Use streamers in different colors and textures to create a playful and festive backdrop. Simply hang them vertically from a string or attach them to a wall.
    5. Photo Collage Backdrop: Create a backdrop using a collage of printed photos. You can use photos of the event or images that fit with the event's theme.
    6. Fabric Backdrop: Use colorful fabrics to create a textured and interesting backdrop. You can use fabric strips, bunting, or a draped curtain.
    7. Rustic Wood Backdrop: Use wooden planks or pallets to create a rustic and textured backdrop. You can add additional elements like greenery or signage to personalize the backdrop.
    8. Chalkboard Backdrop: Create a chalkboard backdrop by painting a wall or large board with chalkboard paint. Guests can then write messages or draw pictures on the backdrop.
    9. Paper Fan Backdrop: Create a unique and colorful backdrop by using paper fans in different sizes and colors. You can attach them to a wall or hang them from a string.

    These DIY backdrops are just a few examples of the many creative options available. When designing your own backdrop, consider the event's theme, colors, and overall aesthetic. With a little creativity and DIY spirit, you can create a photo booth backdrop that is both beautiful and personalized.

    They are also a great way to complement your Pixilated Photo Booth rental!

    Looking for more photo booth backdrop ideas? Check out our post 5 Photo Backdrops for Your Housewarming Party.

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