Black and White Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings and Events

Black and White Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings and Events

The Kardashian-style Glam Photo Booth Filter is Taking Over Weddings

Weddings are such special once-in-a-lifetime events that most want to preserve them as carefully as possible. 

The love and joy expressed during the ceremony and celebration are so precious, and should be fondly looked back on for many years to come!

The best way to capture the memories is through photos — but not just any ordinary kind of technicolor flair. Instead, go for something monochromatic!

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Black-and-white photography is simply the perfect choice for your wedding or special event. Even though we have ready access to color, the aesthetic appeal of monochrome stock is simply unbeatable. Why do you think the Booth by Bryant trend has become so popular!?

Wedding pictures are thumbed over again and again, so going for a timeless look helps to make the occasion even more classic and vintage.

Today, we’ll explore how to incorporate black-and-white photography into your special day! You’ll learn about:

  • Why we love black-and-white photography for weddings
  • The different emotions you can convey with black and white

Are you ready for your close-up? Let’s explore the ins and outs of black-and-white photography, and why you should choose it for your special day!

Black & White Photo Booth

So, Why Black and White?

Timeless and Classic

Though it’s fun to sort through old photos and laugh at style choices gone by, people often prefer their wedding pictures to be timeless. 

In other words, you don’t want to cringe at your photos in one, five, or even 50 years! Opting for black-and-white images will help you achieve that. 

People often choose to frame a black-and-white picture because it matches nearly any indoor decor. 

There’s a sense of tradition that comes with having this kind of wedding picture on your wall. To many, it’s a personal art piece of the happiest moment of their lives!

It Can Evoke a Sense of Nostalgia and Vintage Charm

Did you ever sit down with your grandparents and look through their wedding pictures? 

They would have been in black and white, and the outfits would be miles apart from what we wear today. 

When choosing black-and-white pictures, the hope is that you’ll look back on the pictures and smile. The memories will come flooding back, and you’ll feel like it all happened just yesterday. 

A photo booth rental for weddings is a physical charm; a trinket to commemorate the day; the most endearing memento. The oohs, ahhs, and awws it produces are a testament to this!

Black & White Photo

Dramatic and Artistic Effect

Black and white is dramatic by nature. It’s the contrast between two extremes that draws us in. 

Black-and-white photography also portrays a wealth of personality, even if we’re talking about a picture of a non-sentient object. Put two lovers in the frame, and the photograph just speaks volumes. 

With a black-and-white photo booth and matching accessories, you can design your photos to look a certain way. 

You could go for a dark, vampiric theme, sporting a Wednesday Addams collar, or lean into your more emotional, sentimental side. 

It Can Give a Sophisticated and Elegant Feel to the Photos

Color, used in excess, can look garish or tacky. 

Black-and-white, however, makes every picture look sophisticated. Even if you’re pulling a funny face, there’s an undeniable depth to black-and-white photos. 

Play around with shadows and highlights to create some truly elegant shots. 

Pose like an editorial model — don’t make all the photos silly ones! Black-and-white filters naturally help everyone to look flawless, so don’t be shy. 

Black and White Backdrops

Of course, black-and-white photography is just half the story. For a perfectly curated atmosphere, make sure to also include backdrops in the mix!

Black and White Striped Curtain 

To go all in with the black-and-white theme, try a black-and-white striped curtain as your backdrop to add dimension without being too distracting. You can then decide how wide the stripes are and if they’ll appear vertical or horizontal. 

Imagine the possibilities: Beetlejuice, film stock, or the classic prison pattern. If you’re hosting a themed party, pick a backdrop that gives context to and highlights your guests’ costumes!

Black & White with Backdrop

Black and White Cityscape Backdrop

Is your event being held in the city? Then a cityscape backdrop is a perfect touch! 

Even if your party is elsewhere, a cityscape backdrop is an excellent homage to your or your partner’s hometown (or even the place you met!).

Black and White Vintage Wallpaper

While perusing certain thrift stores, you might find a roll of vintage wallpaper hidden in the back. 

If you’re throwing an event based on a certain decade, choose a wallpaper style that was popular at the time! 

For example, holding a wedding or throwing a party inspired by the Roaring Twenties definitely benefits a lot from fashionable art deco

If you can’t find a wallpaper that tickles your fancy, purchase one of our backdrops made specifically for black-and-white photography in a range of colors. 

Black and White Feather Boa Backdrop

Feather boas are a questionable fashion accessory — unless you’re at a party, that is!

Take a few boas, a hot glue gun, and some determination and create the fluffy backdrop of your dreams. 

You’ll find black-and-white boas at any dollar store near you. Buy extra to give to your guests, unless you think that’s boa overkill! 

Either way, the only downside is the loose feathers you’ll be sweeping up afterward — but hey, at least it was fun!

Black & White with Props

Props and Accessories in Contrasting Black and White Colors

No two colors complement each other better than black and white. They’re also very common colors, so hunting down black-and-white decor is similarly easy (if you went for an obscure green theme, for example – you might have some trouble!). 

Black and white also pairs extremely well with other colors. No matter what your guests wear, they’ll definitely fit right into their surroundings. 

Think of all the black-and-white elements you could use — checkerboard patterns, cameo decals, hypnotic swirls; the possibilities are simply endless!

Black & White Group Photo with Backdrop

Black and White Photo Scrapbook or Album for Guests to Add Their Photos To

Your wedding scrapbook could either be a physical book or a digital collection. If you’re going for the traditional route, place a disposable camera on each table so that guests can take pictures throughout the night for you to develop afterward. 

Otherwise, guests can use their phones and upload the photos to a website or folder or have them emailed to you. Then, curate a final album and share it with everyone.

Send it to the people who couldn’t be there too so they can feel like they were a part of the action too!

With a Pixilated black-and-white photo booth, sending the photos to your contacts is easier than ever because it can be done right there and then. After the wedding or event, you can even order physical prints for sweet thank-you notes.

No matter what you decide, it’s important to take and share photos on your special day to fully capture those memories!

Old Hollywood-Style Black and White Glamor Shots

Everyone wants the chance to be a Hollywood star, even if it’s just for a moment. 

Give your guests that opportunity by setting up an in-party glamor photoshoot! This has to be in black and white, of course.

Take a look at glamor shots from Marilyn Monroe or James Dean — that’s the vibe you’re aiming for. Exaggerated sultry eyes, pouted lips, and beauty spots are a must. 

Glamor isn’t as easy to come by now as it was in golden Hollywood, making the entire experience so immersive. 

Your guests will feel like they've been transported back in time. How special would it be to have your very own vintage headshot?!

Fantastic Themes

Great Gatsby Theme 

The Great Gatsby was published in 1925, but the story is still popular today. 

Revisit the Roaring Twenties by hosting a Gatsby-esque photoshoot! Black-and-white photos will help you achieve realism, as though you’ve actually gone back a century to get a taste of the glitz and glamor of the time. 

Round up your Gatsby and Daisy and hope that their fate is better than that of the characters in the novel! 

Masquerade Ball

You can’t go wrong with this tried and true party theme. Provide guests with embellished eye masks or encourage them to make their own (let the best mask win!). 

Your event will be magical and mysterious with everyone in costume peeking over their masks. A black-and-white photo booth will fit the sly, seductive theme perfectly.

This would also work if you require guests to wear face masks (Mask-erade Ball, anyone?).

Pixilated Black & White Photo

Experience the Best Black and White Photo Booths with Pixilated!

If you have a special event coming up, consider a black and white photo booth rental for your big day!

They’re appealing to look at and they capture the emotions of the day like nothing else. 

Black and white works particularly well for vintage-themed events like a ‘60s soiree or a ‘20s wedding. This type of photography is glamorous, elegant, and striking. 

Pixilated Photo Booth SAVETEN Banner Discount

Convinced? Go ahead and book our black & white photo booth for your event! Simply select your customizations (camera quality, rental period, custom design, add-ons, props, and so much more) and head to the checkout. 

We’ll send you your black & white booth in a box, ready to set up in as little as five minutes. It’s neat, quick, and reliable. Take your pictures and return the gear after everyone has had their fun!

We also offer a wedding bundle (still in that luxurious black and white) containing the photo booth gear, a silver sequin backdrop, prints, and a pack of wedding photo props. If you’re short on time or want a bargain, this is the bundle for you!

Renting a Pixilated DIY wedding photo booth ensures your photos will turn out as perfectly as you’re hoping for. 

Both you and your guests will have pictures worthy of framing and posting to social media, preserved for so many years to come.

Make your dream wedding and event a reality. Book a world-class booth from Pixilated today!

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