DIY Photo Booth for Weddings & Events

DIY Photo Booth for Weddings & Events

Has your wedding budget already blown through the roof? Or, maybe you’ve got a grand event coming up and you’re looking for a fun way to immortalize it?

If so, then consider a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) PhotoBooth Rental for the ultimate in fun, originality, and convenience! These nifty devices provide professional-quality photos at your next event that won’t break the bank.

Curious to learn more? Read on to explore:

  • What exactly are DIY photo booths and how do they even work?
  • Different photo booth ideas to explore and make your party a lot more special.

…Let the fun and frames begin!

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What Are DIY Photo Booths?

DIY Photo Booths occupy a dedicated and decorated space where a camera is set up. Then, groups of guests or individuals at an event take their own pictures, at the times of their choosing! There are so many unique types of diy photo booth designs for inspiration.

That’s not all though. DIY photo booths also come with sweet bonuses like:

  • Nobody in the party having to act as the photographer
  • Plenty of fun, themed props and backgrounds available and customizable for the event
  • Guests having complete control over the photos that are taken
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How DIY Photo Booths Work

There are two options when it comes to getting a DIY Photo Booth at your event:

1. DIY Photo Booth Rental

There are some companies that will send you a photo booth kit for hire – like us here at Pixilated!

A huge advantage of partnering with a rental service like ours is that you’re guaranteed to have professional setups that minimize preparation time while maximizing the quality of the photos.

Plus, there’s also the benefit of receiving easily downloadable gallery links, fun backgrounds and props, and the option to incorporate the movie magic of green screens!

Of course, you can also opt out of certain customizations and even DIY select elements for more cost savings. 

After the booth is up and running, all you’ll need to do is follow simple instructions on-screen to start snapping away. Strike a wacky, elegant, or quirky pose, and let the high-quality camera preserve it forever!

And with photo booths that you send back after the event, you won’t have to deal with a mess that’ll just sit forgotten in a cupboard for years.

Pixilated has you covered whether it’s wedding photo booth rentals, corporate event, anniversary party, or any type of event.

2. DIY from the Ground Up

If you like a challenge, building a booth from scratch is also an option.

This will require finding and setting up the following: a camera, stand, adequate power supply, lighting, ample digital photo storage, manual prop and background creation/acquisition, manual photo-gallery sharing with guests, self-timer mode, and more.

Those on a budget might find this approach to be more suitable. However, the process does require photographic knowledge, technological skills, time, and creativity.

Another downside is that booths built from scratch are usually more difficult for guests to operate, so make sure to consider their age and other factors for suitability!

While good rentals are usually straightforward, DIY ones can be a little confusing. When not done right, guests might get a little lost trying to navigate different switches and settings and feel daunted by the entire setup. 

That’s not exactly the best thing for a party!

Wedding Photo with Props

Why DIY Photo Booths Are a Great Option for Weddings & Events

Affordable Entertainment Option

Providing entertainment at your important event shouldn’t come at a premium. 

Unique photo booth experiences generate natural fun and laughter and bring people together without blowing the budget!

Customizable Setup

The possibilities for customization are endless and can be made to tie in with your event theme seamlessly!

Everything begins with choosing a booth that perfectly matches the occasion. Having a range of options allows you to weigh each choice carefully. And of course, different rental services have different options!

For example, here at Pixilated we offer four photo booth types that include a Black and White photo booth, a green screen photo boothand a GIF photobooth rental

If you want to channel a bit more fun, we also have themed prop sets for common event types! Whether it’s spooky but exciting Halloween props or lovey-dovey ones for Valentine’s party — you name it, we got it.

Complement the entire setup and add some high-quality backdrops, customizable virtual backgrounds, watermarks, and so much more for a party that’s truly yours.

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Unlimited Photos for Guests

It’s really disappointing to dress up nicely for an event only to receive an unflattering photo in commemoration.

Photo booths allow guests to take and retake photos to their hearts’ content and with as many different combinations of people as they like. 

No more queuing up for a photographer who might be silently wondering why a certain guest keeps having their photo taken!

Instant Sharing/Printing

Some booths, such as those offered by Pixilated, offer guests instant access to photos – whether physically or digitally. 

Each Pixilated booth comes with a custom download link to the live Event Gallery to share as the night unfolds! Plus, we offer the option to add a single or even multiple print packs to your order. So fun to send to your guests together with your thank you card. 

Versatile Location Options

DIY photo booths tend to be easy to set up in multiple locations — whether it’s indoors, outdoors, at home, in a hired hall, or virtually anywhere else!

Pixilated makes this extra simple with a built-in light system and battery operation, so location isn’t limited to places near a wall plug!

Easy to Operate/Manage

Once up and running, photo booths are as easy to operate as pressing the take-photo button. 

Hired booths such as those from Pixilated have user-friendly software installed and easy instructions that make a 5-minute setup time and instant photo sharing possible.

Memorable and Unique Experience

Memories fade quickly, even for the most beautiful of events! 

A photo booth produces a precious gift that will allow your guests to remember and relive your event in a vivid manner forever.

Event Photo Booth with Group

Do It Yourself vs DIY Photo Booth Rental: A Quick Comparison, What’s Better?

Making a DIY photo booth might be cheaper, but it’s also a whole lot more time-consuming and requires a ton of skills, planning, and experience in the craft. Besides, there are plenty of other ways to cut costs

Deciding to build a booth by yourself also risks the quality of the photos and the enjoyment of your guests.

On the other hand, renting a photo booth assures you of professional service, hassle-free experience, and minimal setup requirements. 

That way, you get to focus more on the event and better plan other aspects of the party. Rentals are also quite customizable, so you can design one to match your event theme!

DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings & Events

Already considering using a DIY photo booth, but feeling lost about how to maximize everyone’s fun and enjoyment? 

Don’t worry! Take a look at the following ideas for your next wedding or event:

Customized Green Screen Photo

Green Screen Photo Booth for Customizable Backgrounds

Want to send your guests under the sea or have them float among the clouds? How about having the name of your event suspended above their heads?

A green screen photo booth, such as Pixilated’s Green Screen Booth, allows guests to customize their backgrounds. You’ll have plenty of options to bring the party wherever your imagination takes you!

Make the event even more special by adding your personal touch. Add a custom background designed just for your event, or a watermark overlay for more professional settings.

GIF Photo Booth for Animated Photos

In this digital age, the best way to share photos is on social media!

And nothing says wacky and fun better than the GIF, where several still photos are stitched together to create a moving memento that’s irresistibly shareable!

Leave an impression on your guests and their online friends and go for a GIF photo booth for your next event!

Fun Props to Fit the Theme of the Event

Photo booth experiences are a whole lot better when guests get to express themselves with fun and dorky props! 

Let these handy accessories give life and joy to your photos, and watch everyone unleash their creative sides to fully unlock the party.

At Pixilated, we have different prop sets that match all sorts of themes – from weddings and baby showers, to Cinco de Mayo and everything in between!

Black and White for a Unique Effect

Black and white photos ooze sophistication and present the most flattering images that even skin tones and unify guests. 

They’re also great for more serious corporate events, weddings, older adult birthdays, as well as those wanting a historical twist.

Of course, all of this depends on the type of Black & White booth rental you rent. Make sure to go for a kit that features high-quality, monochromatic filters to truly capture the glam of the occasion!

Black & White Photo

Get the Party Started with a Pixilated Photo Booth Today! 

Do you have a wedding or event coming up? 

Spice up the celebration by renting a DIY photo booth kit for a unique, hassle-free, and straightforward experience! 

Avoid the frustration and steep learning curve of building a booth from scratch and focus instead on having a wonderful time. To make the decision-making-process even easier, check out our photo booth rental checklist

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Ready to create an event for the ages? Head over to our booking page, choose a booth that perfectly matches the occasion, and grab some extras for a truly unique party!

And for couples who are about to tie the knot, we’re happy to be part of the wedding of the century too. 

We’ve made wedding planning a lot easier with our wedding photo bundles that combine our most popular booths and customization options. We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do!

Looking for other creative ways to DIY your wedding and save big? You'll love reading DIY Backyard Wedding Ideas!

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