Making Memories One Photo Booth Photo at a Time

Making Memories One Photo Booth Photo At A Time

Capture Memorable Moments with a Photo Booth

Are you hosting an event or party, but are stuck on the best entertainment to provide? 

Or maybe you’re an up-and-coming brand looking to expand that all-important exposure? 

Have you considered a photo booth rental?

Photo booths are fast becoming a hot topic in the marketing world and beyond for a reason! So, let’s take a look at why.

In this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • What types of photo booths there are
  • Why you should consider one for your next event
  • How to select the right photo booth. 

Want to find out more? Read on!

Pixilated Photo Booth

What is a Photo Booth? 

If you’re one of the few people out there who doesn’t know what a photo booth is, here’s a brief rundown:

 A photo booth is an interactive, automated kiosk that takes pictures, prints them, and — even more perfect for today’s digital age — can post them straight to your social media accounts! Photo booths can work at any event whether it’s a wedding photo booth rental, corporate event, anniversary party, or any type of event.

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Types of Photo Booths 

Just like people, no two booths are the same. So let’s look at them in a bit more detail!

Traditional Enclosed Photo Booths

These photo booths have been around forever — popular with first loves and families alike — but traditional booths don’t just serve your guests a slice of nostalgia! 

Enclosed booths are a must-have if you’re wanting instant pictures along with better lighting (plus the added benefit of some extra privacy!). 

Open-Air Photo Booths

Open-air booths aren’t actually a “booth” as such – or at least not in the conventional sense. 

Unlike traditional booths, an open-air booth (like the name suggests) leaves you out in the open and takes snaps from a distance. Perfect for those venues that may be lacking in space, or events where you know a group shot is going to be a must! 

These booths also have the added bonus of being easily moveable, so no two backdrops need to be the same. 

Mirror Photo Booths

Although these work like a traditional booth, the two couldn’t be more different when it comes to looks! 

Disguised as a mirror, a mirror photo booth is a camera and display, all in one. 

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also allows your guests to take a perfect, flawless selfie without compromising on (potentially) limited venue space. 

GIF/Photo/Video Booths

In today’s modern society, we’ve all used — or at least seen! — a GIF. So why not let your guests create a personalized one of their own? 

This is something they can easily do with the use of an on-trend GIF photo booth rental

By taking just a few short looping photos or bursts of video, your guests will have their own moving images they can upload directly onto most social media platforms – almost instantly. 

Some booths even allow you to add your own hashtag!

GIF booths also come with the added bonus of unique overlays, optional still prints, and endless customizable options. How could you possibly go wrong?

Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen Photo Booths

Fancy transporting your guests to the sands of Bora Bora? Or maybe a wine tasting in the French Riviera? 

Wherever it is you want to take your guests, it’s possible with a green screen photo booth! 

These are the perfect choice for themed events or for those of you after a more business-centric experience. With easily customizable options available, the creative opportunities are endless!

Slow-Motion Video Booths

Make your guests feel like they are on the red carpet by giving them a Cole Walliser-inspired experience!

Using cutting-edge technology, a slow-motion booth captures your guests from every angle, turning it into fun, exportable, and engaging content without compromising the image quality. 

So, if you’re looking for something that will add a level of quirkiness to your event, then look no further!

Pixilated Group Photo Booth

Why You Should Consider Adding a Photo Booth to Your Event

Even the most exciting and well-planned events risk becoming a little boring if a decent source of entertainment is not available to guests. 

As effortless as it is spontaneous, a photo booth puts an end to boredom by giving your guests a fun experience — one that will give them something to talk and laugh about long after the event is over!

Still not completely swayed? Let’s consider the other benefits a photo booth could add to your upcoming event. 

Fun and Interactive Experience

We’ve become so used to taking pictures on smartphones that the allure of the modern polaroid has become a distant memory steeped in nostalgia. 

But whether you’re utilizing a virtual photo booth or a more demure black and white booth for those classic snaps, the joy this kind of photo brings will give your guests a chance to connect with each other and capture the fun!

The user-friendly, interactive interface means the booth is easy to enjoy for everyone, regardless of their age.

Pixilated Photo Booth


Creates Memories

A picture speaks a thousand words and now, more than ever, we use photos and videos to communicate and connect. 

And let’s not forget: surprise and connection are the two most important emotional drivers in creating long-lasting memories — both of which a photo booth serves by the bucket load!

It’s the perfect choice!

Customizable to Event Theme

With its unrivaled versatility, whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday party, graduation party or a corporate affair, each photo booth can be tailored to the requirements of your event. 

Need a head-turning brand backdrop? Done! 

Custom design? Of course! 

High-quality take-home prints? Say no more! 

Pixilated Photo Booth SAVETEN Banner Discount

Provides Unique Party Favors

When it comes to thanking your guests, sure, a nice edible treat or a goodie bag is nice. 

But are they all that memorable? 

Giving your guests a memory that will live on well past a dreaded two-day hangover isn’t just a five-minute wonder, it’s a lifetime keepsake! 

As they say: photos last forever!

Pixilated Group Photo with Props

Increases Social Media Presence

Social media is fast becoming the most influential marketing tool for businesses. 

With Facebook reporting that photo posts by far outperform other sources of content, and Semrush proving that Instagram is one of the world’s top 10 most-visited websites globally, you’d be a fool not to capitalize on this!

Effectively utilizing the external engagement created by your guests’ photo booth snaps is a first-class ticket to developing a stronger, more talked-about brand presence; one that has the potential to span across a variety of social platforms!

Can Be Used as a Marketing Tool

Just like in New York where you can experience 16 seasons in a single day, no two days in marketing are the same. 

However, there has been a consistent shift towards interactive-based content in recent times. 

Driven by the thirst for digital photo content that’s showing no sign of slowing down, brands across the globe are testing more experimental forms of marketing to drive that all-important brand activation

But could a photobooth help with this? 


A photobooth caters to this need by providing you with immersive content that is both original and easily brandable. At the same time, it also allows for connectivity and maintains that all-important pleasing aesthetic.

But how do you know which one to choose?

Pixilated Group Photo with Props

How to Choose the Right Photo Booth for Your Event 

Identify Event Type and Theme

If you were attending a white tie event, you wouldn’t rock up in your activewear! The same principle applies when selecting your perfect photo booth. 

Identifying your event type is crucial for understanding your guests' expectations, and knowing the theme is one of the most fundamental elements when selecting the correct booth

So, before you even begin looking to hire a photo booth vendor, it is always best to have the elements of your event in mind, so that you are able to make an accurate and informed choice. 

Consider Space and Guest Count

Venue tight on space? A traditional booth may not be the best choice in this instance. 

Expecting a large number of guests? To ensure everyone gets a chance to get a snap, it may be worth considering more than one photo booth for the occasion. 

Whether you’re catering to 10 guests or 100, it won’t just be your catering requirements that will require adjustment — your booth selection will need to be tailored to this too. 

Determine Your Budget

Budgeting is an integral part of event planning, whether it’s a modest backyard wedding or a grander affair. 

When considering how deep your pockets will go, it’s important to set your expectations of what you’re looking to achieve

Naturally, the more you spend the better quality images you will receive in return, but not every event calls for immaculate high-resolution snaps! 

With a variety of options to choose from, Pixilated offers something to suit every occasion and every budget. 

Research Available Vendors

No matter how perfect something seems, it’s always good to make an informed decision by considering all of the options available to you

Whether this is weighing up the availability, suitability, options, or terms of various vendors, it is always worth doing your research beforehand and making an informed decision.  

Read Reviews and See Samples

You wouldn’t buy or rent a car with a one-star safety rating, so don’t hire a photo booth without knowing it’s been tried and tested first! 

Organic reviews from 3rd-party sources are one of the best ways to judge a business’s performance, and with an average rating of 4.9 based on 489 reviews, with Pixilated, you know you are in safe hands.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

Schedule a Demo, if Possible

Most of us in our lifetime will find ourselves wrestling with flatpack at least once. So we all know regardless of how “good” paper instructions may be, nothing beats a step-by-step tutorial.

With our tailored resource library, you’ll find everything you need — from set-up videos to how-to articles — to help you ensure your photo-booth experience is a painless and stress-free experience!

Pixilated Photo Booth Wooden Backdrop Customized

Look for Custom Features

Need a customized backdrop or props? Or maybe you need Wi-Fi rental for your guests — it is 2023 after all! Just about everyone is going to be carrying some form of smart device in their pocket. 

When planning your event and photobooth hire, these added bonuses can be what makes or breaks an event. Here at Pixilated, we have a huge variety on offer! 

From added small-print services to a background of your choosing, the range of custom features won’t just safeguard you against a cellular blackspot – they’ll keep your bank account happy, too!

Confirm Logistics and Requirements

Before you hand over your credit card details, make sure you know exactly what it is you will be paying for. 

Small details can often be overlooked and some vendors may require you to arrange your own shipping. Not only is this an additional expense, but it can be time-consuming – especially when your to-do list is fast becoming a rival to route 20! 

But with our free, lightning-fast, two-way shipping that offers guaranteed arrival one business day before your event, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands! 

The only condition? You need to give us seven days’ advance notice. 

Choose a Reputable Vendor

Choosing a vendor who delivers and has an organically reputable brand is a vital ingredient in your event’s success. So, what should you consider? 

Put simply: everything! 

A reputable vendor will provide you with terms of service upfront, which should cover everything from their social media policies to any insurance liability related to your hire. 

They’ll also provide you with clear setup and delivery requirements, as well as the finer details entailed in their offer. 

This should include details such as the camera quality, hire terms, and what extras are included (if any). 

If your vendor is less than forthcoming with this information, the chances are there will be a reason for it.

Pixilated Photo Booth Christmas Party


The Bottom Line

Now you know what sort of photo booths are out there and why you should consider adding one to your party planning, all you have to do is figure out what you need for your event!

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Let’s recap on how to choose your photo booth:

  • Work out your theme
  • Be sure to account for available venue space and party numbers
  • Work out your budget
  • Research different vendors in your area, check their reviews, see samples and schedule a demo (if you can)
  • If you’re after custom features, include these in your search
  • Make sure logistics and requirements are confirmed
  • Choose a reputable vendor! 

There’s a lot to consider when planning an event, so why not let us take this part off your hands? Give a Pixilated photo booth a go — you won’t regret it!



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